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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/21/2001 4:51:18 PM EST
I live in Central Indiana, and don't have a Class III permit... There's a gun show this coming up Saturday at the State Fairgrounds. I've never been to one, but what am I to expect from there? Is that where I should buy conversion parts, or information on Class III weapons, or take pictures with my digital camera of some weapons? Would this be the place to buy a Mark 23 H&K handgun, or a Pre-Ban AR-15? Just to make sure, how closely legal is all this stuff, is this an ATF convention, or a Black Market convention, lol? Thanks for your guys help, GuitarSlinger
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 5:03:00 PM EST
if it's the indy 1500 gun and knife show, been there lots of times myself. not an ATF convention, nor black market, though there are sure to be dealers selling less than accurately labeled merchandise. pretty sure you won't get any cameras into the place either. wouldn't buy any conversion parts from here until you have ALL the info you need, and you won't get that before this show. i wouldn't rely on the show for Class 3 info either. (gun shows are generally a great source of MIS-information as dealers will often tell you what you want to hear rather than the facts.) i wouldn't buy a pre-ban there either, cuz it's likely not to be. you'd have to know the gun's date of manufacture...any dealer can put pre-ban jewelry on a post-ban weapon. don't know what the H&K is you mentioned so i can't help ya there. there are some cool relics and stuff. i always enjoy going even though i rarely buy. it is a good place to buy ammo in bulk if you know the brand is good and if you have a means of carrying it. good deals can be found, but there are a lot of bad deals (extreme mark-ups). the indy gun show is the epitome of "buyer beware." the best way to avoid getting shafted is to know exactly what you want, how much it costs, and all the extra details. [b]DO NOT RELY ON THE DEALERS TO PROVIDE ACCURATE INFORMATION UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY[/b] not that they are going to cheat you, but it's very easy to believe what they say, especially if you want to hear it. take just enough money to get in. no more cash, no credit cards, no check book. look around and enjoy yourself. it can be fun.
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 5:07:08 PM EST
...and be sure that your ATM card is left at home.
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 7:00:16 PM EST
Okay, so... I really should NOT buy weapons there?! I'm not the most knowledgable of weapons, but if I take the Captain of the Sheriff's Dept. with me, what are my chances? Seriously, my best friend's dad is a head honcho at the Dept. And my other best friend is a serious gun nut... So, I could go there, pick up maybe some ammo, ammo clips, or old vintage memorbilia, um, cool ammo (50 caliber, tanks), dummy grenades, cool little knives, or small s*** like that you mean?
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 7:08:24 PM EST
Just be carefull. I usually find that going to a gun store is a better way to get a lower price. I have seen some people that raise prices at the shows. I have gotten both deals, and been bent over the table at gun shows. Now I use them to look around for deals, get ammo, sometimes magazines, or reloading equipment. As far as class III, I don't know much, but I think the gun had to be built before '86. I don't think you can legally convert an AR-15 to full auto. Sometimes you can find prebans, but there are lots of post-ban lowers with pre-ban uppers that ARE NOT legal being sold. Also don't buy any mags marked LEO/Military only as they are all post ban. Go, look around, ask questions and learn. Just be on guard. Good luck. If you have shooters you can take with you do it. they will help lots!
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