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Posted: 5/22/2001 7:13:25 AM EDT
I posted this on a recent thread in response to a recent violation to gun ownership: Gun owners should band together. There are millions of us and on this board alone, 10,000 registered users. We've got a lot more power then we think, but it requires a little time on our part. By letting these manufactures, city councilmen and business owners who treat gun owners like criminals know what we think, we can hurt them where they listen, in their pocketbooks. There are violations against gun owners occuring every day around the country, a great way to put some attention on these issues is to post them and let gun owners vent their displeasure as a group. Together we can and will make a difference. I propose that we put up a forum right here on AR-15 that is focused to bring attention to such violations. Buried in the general discussion is fine, but out of the 10,000 registered users, how many will see this and respond? Can you imagine 10,000 (plus guest visitors) who might respond if they saw postings like this in their own catagory? How about a "Gun Owners Fight Back" category on AR-15 where stories and contact information can be posted for all to see? I've had enough of the media, business owners and watermelon wackos telling me what I can and cannot own and where I can and cannot shoot. It's the little brown shirts who are making it so damn tough on gun owners. The individual businessman who refuses service, the bank who refuses accounts to dealers, the corporate chain that supports "assault weapons" bans - the list of rights violations goes on and on, ad naseum. A grass roots effort from the ground up will be tremendously effective because we can target these business individually with our refusal to do business with them. We don't need to be organized like a national organization, just tens of thousands of irate gun owners who bring attention to unconstitutional laws and business practices that deny gun owners our rights. Make it a daily habit or weekly at least, to check the Fight Back category and read the latest posting. Contact the latest offender of our rights, freedoms and liberties and give them a piece of your mind and tell them you won't do any more business with them. When a business receives thousands of emails, phone calls, faxes and letters saying that their policies, practices and support of unconstitutional gun laws is costing them tremendous volumes of business, what do you think these businesses will do? Look at what happened to S&W. Businesses will quickly wise up and realize that they had better not piss off gun owners or it will cost them plenty. We'd better start fighting hard, right now - before we have to fight even harder later. The assault on our rightful ownership of guns has gone way too far already and we'd better find effective and powerful means of stopping this dead in it's tracks. Posters to the Gun Owners Fight Back catagory should give us as much contact information that they can, others can fill in any blanks. We've got a great big voice if we just use it in the right direction. Only accurate, truthful stories should be posted.
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