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Posted: 2/27/2007 4:54:19 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/27/2007 4:54:19 PM EST by Forest]
I've argued against gun control with my granola-munching-left-wing-liberal-'they're not bad just misunderstood' family members for years.

On one hand they want to take my guns, thereby limiting my means of defense. On the other hand, however, the gov't (police/firefighter, etc) have no duty to protect John Q. Public (at least here in PA). Legally (in Penn.), the police can see you getting your skull crused by some crackhead and keep on driving by - they have no legal obligation to help.

This certainly is not intended as a slam on LE, but I am simply pointing out that if the law expects you to be self-reliant, how can it outlaw the means for that self-sufficiency. While I might be able to sufficiently protect myself with a pump shot gun or revolver, I should also have the right to equip myself with superior firepower.
Link Posted: 2/27/2007 4:36:34 PM EST
Wrong forum. Take it to General Discussion
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