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Posted: 9/10/2004 9:15:56 AM EDT
RodneyCK2 (740 posts)
WARNING!!! Could This Be How Bush Cheats and Wins for 2004?
Edited on Sat Aug-07-04 01:29 PM by RodneyCK2

I just came across an alarming discovery this morning on a local blog. I know there has been a number of posts on the subject pertaining to, "What underhanded trick will Bush pull in 2004 for a victory." Well, according to this poster, this may be his solution.

I am posting this here to see if others have heard of similar situations, yet, and to be on the look out for such activity. I have strong feelings towards the Florida debacle, mainly it was a calculated plan from the beginning to disrupt the voting process, and I DO NOT want to see it happen again.

Please comment...

The Story...

Bush Has People Putting In Change Of Addresses For Voters, Then They Can't Vote

"Are you registered to vote?
Are you sure you're registered?
I am currently pissed off. Let me tell you why.

Today, around lunchtime, I went with my parents to the polls to vote in our primary election.
When I got there, I found that I had somehow been removed from the books, and hence could not vote.

Frustrated, I took the day off work and my mom took me down to the Election Board at 18th and Walnut.
When we got there, we found that the reason I was not on the books is that SOMEONE had sent in an address
change card for me. I live near 76th and Troost, but the voting database now had me down as living at 52nd and
Locust - I've NEVER lived there, and have in fact lived at this address all of my life (well, except for the year in England,
and even then this was my "permanent address"). It took about two hours, but the elections commission director
straightened it out and I was finally able to vote. However, she told me why this has been happening, and it's very worrisome.

Apparently there are groups out there who buy copies of the voter registration rolls, then send in new registrations for
registered voters giving them a new address. It's really a more sophisticated version of the whole thing with the felony lists
in Florida in the last election - however, people aren't being REMOVED from the voting rolls, and hence there's no red flag
being raised. After all, people DO move and send in change of address, so there's no reason for them to suspect voter fraud.

And there's really no way to trace this, so there's really no way to detect this. But in effect what it means is voters are removed
from the rolls - after all, if you're unknowingly registered in another precinct, how can you vote at yours? I was lucky...I have the
job flexibility and transportation to go down to the election board and find out the problems, but I'm betting a lot of the other
people with the same problems don't. And there are a lot - at my precinct, during the period we were at the polls, which was
pretty slow, there were only about five or six people in and out, including us. And of those, me and one other guy found ourselves
off the rolls, and one woman said she'd had the same thing happen to her during the 2000 presidential election and had to spend
the entire day down at the election board.

By the way, I'll just say that I think it's significant that I happen to live in a largely minority, heavily Democratic district in a
swing state. You can draw your own conclusions from that. But I'll add that I've recently been reading Bush's Brain, a book
about the INCREDIBLY F-ING SCARY Karl Rove, and this scheme has a distinct Rovian stench to it.
(Three guesses who masterminded the similar scheme in Florida for Bush?)

Anyway, I have a feeling that this problem is only going to get worse as the November election approaches.
So I'm urging everyone, especially if you live in a swing state - either check with your election board a few days
before the election to make sure you're on the rolls at your current address, or vote absentee early (which will
also let you know whether you're on the rolls or not). "

Ya gotta be of guilty mind to work this thru...IMO
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:16:32 AM EDT
wow. just wow.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:24:26 AM EDT
The democrats invented these schemes. Chicago is a joke. Too bad it's turning back on them...
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 9:37:02 AM EDT
hmmm, gives me an idea......
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 10:00:57 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2004 10:03:35 AM EDT by DzlBenz]
1) The writer of the post lives in KC, MO.
2) Based on the style and tone of the rambling missive, I might know who this dolt is.
3) There is no evidence whatsoever that supports this idiot's claim. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.
4) This clod puts the "Duh" into DU.


By all means, DUers, please vote early on the absentee ballot. These are also known as "provisonal" ballots and are only counted in the event of a close or disputed outcome. It's called "Election DAY" for a reason.

Please encourage all of your "free-thinker" liberal pals to get those absentee ballots in right away!
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 10:14:41 AM EDT
>>>quote "Frustrated, I took the day off work and my mom took me down to the Election Board at 18th and Walnut."

How old are you, son?

Link Posted: 9/10/2004 10:16:13 AM EDT
Sounds like internet hoax crap to me.

I say prove it.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 10:19:47 AM EDT
76th and Troost? Well, he lives in a good part of town.
I'd like to drive over there and kick his narrow minded, rights stealing propoganda spreading ass.
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