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Posted: 1/26/2002 11:15:31 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/26/2002 11:24:37 AM EDT by Carbine_Man]
Went in this morning just after opening. Lots of people, lots of great stuff to buy. Its a nice sunny day and folks seem cheerful, great day to buy a gun. Overall the show seems as big as or bigger than the Raleigh gun show. Price impressions: - most everything was about what you'd expect, few good deals, mostly average - Oly arms stripped lowers for $150 - uppers w/o b,bc+ch from $290 and up - nice AR 30 rnd mags $20-25, good $15+ - 7.62x39 is back down to ~$80/1000 - lots of SA 5.56 300 rnd battlepacks for ~$40 - Glocks ~$500, Sigs about the same, lots of 1911's + the usual junk Seemed to me to be more militaria and fun guns than hunting longarms (this could just be my impression because I don't pay much attention to the hunting stuff.) Big crowds around the handgun dealers tables; there were four or five dealers that seemed to be doing great business. There were three or four dealers that had sizable tables of black rifle stuff. I was on the hunt for more AR mags for myself and a friend. I walked by one table where a guy had 4 GI 30 rounders for $10 each. They looked like good shooters, so I snatched them all up. The guy looked a little surprised that I bought them all. Scoured the rest of the floor for good deals. One dealer had a rubbermade tub full of AR 30 rnd mags for $12 each, so I headed back later and picked five good ones. (Doncha love how you can hand folks the cash and there's no messing with sales tax?) On the way out I went by that first table, and the guy had put four more of the same grade mags out, but this time for $15 each! I was happy about the show, because I buy guns butt-backwards. I impulsively buy, then go to the gun show to see if I got a good deal. So I went around looking at prices and handling a lot of handguns (my latest purchase) and came to the conclusion that I got a good deal on a gun that feels good in my hand and suits my purpose (I just didn't buy it at the show!) All in all, well worth $6 admission and $3 parking... One last note: What could possibly motivate a guy to bring a FEW over-priced guns to a show, rent a table, and sit there for hours with no-one looking at his stuff? I'm thinking of one "dealer" that had about 3 tables, with maybe 3 handguns and four rifles, with lots of empty space between them. He had a Rock River AR on the table for $950! Why do they bother? {edited for typos}
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 11:22:25 AM EDT
is that show gonna last till tommorrow? [}:D]
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 3:47:29 PM EDT
Where did all those school buses come from..... I was all primed for the show cept I bought a complete A3+ a striped lower on friday so I was bucks down......I looked around the guy I went with bought a walther 40 cal..490.00 1 row over dealer has same gun 610.00+tax but we just laughed....but I spot a a2 buttstock so just for kicks I ask the price 30.00 so I wiped the smile of my face and paid him(stock was a new take off minus spacer and screw)picked that up for 6.00 grabed a few springs and a charge handle for 25.00 total....I love gun shows
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 4:00:22 PM EDT
Sounds like I need to head up that way for the next one. The shows in Spartanburg and Greenville, SC aren't worth a sh*t.
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