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Posted: 10/8/2001 12:38:40 PM EDT
Every time they cut to or come back from a commercial, they exit or enter with a live shot from the wreckage of the WTC. How can anyone forget why we are fighting as long as they do that? Which network was it that banned WTC images from its news broadcasts?
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 12:46:32 PM EDT
Here's my "Never Forget" proposal - ALl the networks should play bios of two people killed in the WTC attack each night. What companies they worked for, what their job duties were, where they lived, and pics of their families who lost their father, mother, brother, son or daughter, and the difficult situation their "murders" put the families in.. OH - IF they did this, two different people each night?? It could continue nightly for almost SEVEN years.
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