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Posted: 2/1/2001 3:50:50 PM EDT
While at the check out line of the local Barnes and Nobles, the clerk behind the counter was obviously uncomfortable with my purchases (SGN & SAR).

"You know what I don't understand......why so many people are fascinated with these......they are only made to kill people......I can see owning knives for cooking.....blah, blah, blah"

I was no mood to argue with this twit.  I told her not everyone that owns a gun kills anybody, and basically said "to each his own" as I left.

Just another example of some young pop-culture nitwit who has unearned freedom.  Our education system cetainly is producing more of these Einsteins.

Do you guys notice all the gun magazines have been grouped with "adult" magazines in every major book store?  I'm no prude when it comes to pics of nubile good looking naked babes.  But guns are now taboo?  

I better start wearing my long trench coat and dark glasses the next time I buy a gun magazine.  And also ask for the plain brown paper bag so no one can see them. [:I] [:P] [;)]
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 3:55:25 PM EDT
Next time you go in, wear a "guns don't kill people, I kill people" t-shirt... that otta keep her mouth shut.

(Stolen from Happy Gilmore) [:I]
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 3:56:14 PM EDT
I don't get that crap around here that much and I LIVE IN CA!

It's probably because I'm in one of the more conservative areas in all of Ca. a nice rural farming community with a population of about 250k people.

If some smart ass said something like that to me in a check out line I'd shut them down real quick, either by telling them in so many words that they are a moron or by going to their supervisor and really making that peon sweat it out.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:01:51 PM EDT
I go through the same thing every other day at the local college. "Guns are evil" and get into it with "Al Gore really won" crowd. I stand my ground and ask if any want to go out do some shooting. It has worked on a few of the ladies, but none of the really cute ones, not yet.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:07:04 PM EDT
I've never experienced that at the local B&A I frequent, and this is in the anti-gun Bay Area. They keep the gun mags on the same shelf as the sports magazines and they have a pretty good selection. The cashier's never say anything. Even if they did, I'm so busy looking at their boobs it would go in one ear and out the other.

Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:09:35 PM EDT
Better yet call the store and ask for the manager. Relate your experience with said clerk, and ask is it store policy to attack customers while they exercise their 1st and 2ed Ammendment rights. I got a clerk at K-Mart fired for this same BS.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:14:10 PM EDT
I would have had that bitches job in a heartbeat, but then again, as many of you know, I delight in destroying the lives of those that interfere with mine...  It's a hobby!

My personal checks are marked [b]FIREARMS ACCOUNT[/b], right below my name, and just for fun too.  I have had the "opportunity" to counsel individuals here and there because of the strange looks or comments when I present my checks.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:38:52 PM EDT
LOL MATTJA!!!!!  [;)]

I've never had that happen to me but, I will be ready to talk 'em into oblivion.  I should've been a lawyer.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 4:47:02 PM EDT
Mattja, she was not good looking.  Young black woman, wearing chinese style clothing.  I think she is confused.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 5:41:27 PM EDT
The next time, ask her if she's seen the bumper sticker (pink) with an image of a Glock 17 saying "The ultimate in feminin protection."

Link Posted: 2/1/2001 5:44:07 PM EDT
I bought two gun magazines at B&N right after the Columbine School shootings and the young guy my age gave me a look of slight fear.

It was halarious.  [:D]

Darned public education liberal products.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 5:48:47 PM EDT
I was at Super Crown and couldn`t find any gun rags in their magazine racks. I asked a young lady who wrked there if they carried any "firearm" magazines. She told me 'no we dont carry gun or porno magazines' and skipped away.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 6:13:34 PM EDT
Don't even get me started on Barnes and Noble. A hangout for the -I don't even know what to call 'em.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 6:23:07 PM EDT
Never had that happen to me but when it does i will give the cashier hell then report it to the manager.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 6:31:06 PM EDT
MelonPopper, the phrase you're looking for is "Tower Records rejects". At least that's what we call them. Young kids in Gothic attire even though it's no longer cool to be Goth. Marilyn Manson fans. Even that guy's history; his fine babe little hottie dumped him recently. Total freak.

Link Posted: 2/1/2001 6:41:12 PM EDT
I've had an eyebrow raised at Barnes & Noble, but never at Tower Records.  They've always seemed to value at least the 1st Amendment.  Heck even the Safeway has started carrying Shotgun News. [:D]
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 6:43:36 PM EDT
MATTJA, yeah, that comes close, but I was thinking of something that would decribe a genetics experiment gone horribly awry.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:06:22 PM EDT
Its all about the soccer moms....
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:06:34 PM EDT
Funny that this posted tonight! I stopped at B&N tonight and picked up a couple gun books from the clearance rack and "Spec. Weapons for Military & Police" with the AR10B on the front cover.

The check out clerk made a comment about not wanting to meet someone carrying "One of those". I took the time to engage him in conversation and had a intelligent talk with him. After about ten minutes, I needed to get moving and he wanted to keep talking about guns and "where can someone go to shoot if they wanted to try it" [:)] (possible convert alarm now sounding) I told him about an indoor range that was nearby and of course Knob Creek, which is nearby also. At that point people were backed up in line, waiting to check out. I told him to give it some thought and if he wants to try shooting then next time I came in to let me know and I would take him.

Take the time to talk to these people, it maybe they are curious and they don't have any access to guns, or how to go about approaching a stranger, but want to try/learn!

Note: See my post, "Ted Nugent owes me a beer!"
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:16:47 PM EDT
I love using my NRA Mastercard.  It is a beautiful card and cashiers comment on it.  I tell them it is an NRA card and money goes to the NRA every time I use it.  I get a wide spectrum of reactions.  More positive than you would think -- maybe they are just afraid!

Also, about grouping the gun magazines with the adult stuff, I usually put the mags I thumb through, like Combat Handguns or SOF back with the kid's mags just to nag the soccer moms.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:37:46 PM EDT
Just to be fair I'm guilty of the same behavior.

I work in a mom and pop record, cd, & tape store. On top of that it is in Montgomery County, Maryland. Every last liberal known to man passes through the doors of this store.

I've been shoving the 2nd amendment down the throats of these customer's for years. I've shot down every single argument these liberals can muster. They don't even want to go there with me, 'cause I'm a man that is still talking even when the door has hit them in the behind.

My boss is a filthly rich white guilt ridden liberal, but he puts up with me, even though he disagrees with everything I stand for, he respects me for standing behind it.

To make matters worse his father was the former Govenor of Maryland and his great great grandfather is none other than the Great Robert E. Lee himself, whom he totally despises. Hell; I'd be President right now with those kind of blood lines.

I really like dealing with liberals each and every day. I'm not trying to convert them, that is a job for a more kinder & gentler man than myself. I just play with the liberals, much like a cat would a mouse.
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:40:36 PM EDT
......they are only made to kill people......quote]

My response would've been, "Well, at gun used for self protection would be pretty useless without that feature."
Link Posted: 2/1/2001 7:48:18 PM EDT
A caller to the Kirby Wilber show described an experience on the DC Metro where the train operator gave a blatent plug for the upcoming "Million Mom March." The caller wrote a letter to the Metro staff and he got a reply that such behavior was not tolerated and the the operator would be disciplined.

You don't have to just sit there and take it!
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 12:04:52 AM EDT
Hell, look at what is growing on the side of just about every B&N: STARBUCKS! The breeding ground for socialists, tree huggers, and just plain dumbasses.

The best solution is just to subscribe to SGN which would DENY money to the half-wit employees at B&N.

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 1:32:22 AM EDT
Not only that, Starbucks coffee isnt even that good. Another reason I dont spend money there.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 2:38:46 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 3:59:31 AM EDT
"I was at Super Crown and couldn`t find any gun rags in their magazine racks. I asked a young lady who wrked there if they carried any "firearm" magazines. She told me 'no we dont carry gun or porno magazines' and skipped away."
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Same thing here in Md.!! My local grocery stores, privately owned, stopped carrying ANY gun magazine. I finally got aggravated enough to ask, because I know that an outside company handles the assortment of mags for them. The manager told me that the owner is very antigun, and won't allow it in the assortment, not even hunting mags, much less gun mags. He now has one less customer, and I sent him a letter to let him know.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 11:41:30 AM EDT
You should tell the management she "Harassed" you. They make life shitty lets retuen the favor.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 12:15:49 PM EDT
The counter clerks should keep their mouth shut and collect their minimum wage. they are not paid to voice an opinion!!!
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 1:48:39 PM EDT
Anyone ever notice how many HOT babes there are in the average B&N?  Not just the employees, but the customers too.  I have come to the conclusion that the best looking babes tend to be liberals most of the time.  I wish it wasn't that way but who said life is fair.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 1:56:11 PM EDT
Unfortunately most women are communists. I think it is because they are gullible and listen with their heart to the rhetoric they hear from the "unbiased" media and other dems.

Because you know all republicans want to see all children and elderly people live in cardboard boxes on the street, and eat sewer rats 3 meals a day and that just plain mean!
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 2:48:27 PM EDT
I read somewhere that Estrogen causes brain damage...
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 4:18:25 PM EDT
Did you ever hear the expression "pity whore"? Someone who will do just about anything to be pitied by others. Women are "security whores". It's their nature to gravitate towards ideas they feel promote their personal security and well-being. Without thinking, the fall for the HCI and MMM party lines. They support politicians who promise to make them safer. Since guns are dangerous, banning guns makes sense. No guns, no one to shoot me, right? Unfortunately, they fail to see the other side of the coin. Gun bans make it impossible for women to protect themselves; gun bans make it impossible for their husbands to protect their wives. Yet, women expect as much. They don't think about this. Driven by emotion, the fail to take into account the whole picture.

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 4:43:30 PM EDT

Take the time to talk to these people, it maybe they are curious and they don't have any access to guns, or how to go about approaching a stranger, but want to try/learn!

View Quote

I've had pretty good luck with this approach and have had a few converts all of which are now gun owners and have a better perspective on our political climate. It does work sometimes!
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 4:45:12 PM EDT
A large segment of society is always looking for simplistic solutions to complex problems. The politicians just feed off of it.

Trying to reason with this woman would be like trying to teach a pig to sing. You won't accomplish anything and you'll piss the pig off.

"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong."

- H. L. Mencken

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 7:12:59 PM EDT
[blue]I'm so busy looking at their boobs it would go in one ear and out the other[/blue]
[:D] lol!

I always give 'em the line from "Shane": "a gun is just a tool, there's no good or bad in it. A gun is only as good or bad as the person holding it." "Why would a smart, strong, attractive woman such as yourself want to give up the right to defend herself from predators?" wink wink

Or something like that....
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:24:09 PM EDT
I was at a Wal-Mart (in So. Cali.) the other day, and the little old lady minding the gun counter was so nice and friendy, I almost bough another gun.
Link Posted: 2/3/2001 6:00:54 AM EDT
I concur with the ones saying get the twit fired. He/she has no right to dictate to you what books or other things you buy from that bookstore. If they sell it, his/her only comment should be "Have a nice day".


Link Posted: 2/3/2001 8:40:58 AM EDT
What do you expect from someone who has the extremely complex and technical job of operating the cash register! He**! She's lucky she can count change! I've run into a lot who couldn't![}:)]
Link Posted: 2/3/2001 8:45:10 AM EDT
What do you expect from someone who has the extremely complex and technical job of operating the cash register! He**! She's lucky she can count change! I've run into a lot who couldn't![}:)]
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