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Posted: 10/14/2004 10:37:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/14/2004 10:40:00 PM EDT by Spade]
So, I'm tooling down Route 11 outside Berwick, PA coming home from PSU for my short "fall break" (personally I think giving us Friday off, but not last Monday, Columbus Day, is an intentional swipe at Italians, but that's another thread). It's about, oh, 0130. I'm doing around 55 (my usual speed from Berwick to Shickshinny).

And flashing lights appear behind me. Great. I'm pretty sure I wasn't speeding, but my USP is behind my hip. Visions of my sidearm being dropped on the ground, or calling home from a lockup fill my head (I also thought "good thing I don't have a dog with me". Thank you AR15.com for that). I pull over, stereo off, put my hands on the wheel. Trooper gets out of his car, and well back from me announces that he's a Statie and he'd like my DL and registration (I'm also pretty sure he had a partner who was moving into my blind spot on the right side. Can't say for sure, so good "tactics" there). I haul out my DL, registration, insurance, and my permit. I don't have to give my permit under state law, but always figured it was a decent idea to hand it over first and get that out of the way. Trooper says he clocked me doing 62 in a 45. I say "62? I thought I was doing 55". Which is still speeding, but the truth.

Trooper takes my permit and stuff and says "Do you have a firearm in the vehicle?" I say "yes, sir". "Where at?" "Behind my hip." "Okay" and he hands my permit back. I informed him that I didn't think I had to produce the permit, but always though it was a good idea too. The trooper said "Thanks for that", so I figure that made things easier.

After some Penn State chitchat (he had gone to see us get beat by Purdue), I get a written warning and instructed to "tell JoPa to work on the offensive line". I ask if his name is on the warning (it was dark, I couldn't tell). He asks "Yes, why?" and I told him that as a gun rights guy it's nice to have a cop not flip out when he hears your carrying, and when we get treated nicely we like to tell superior officers that they've got good people working for them.

So, all in all, a good deal. Either a)Acting like a well raised young man does pay off sometimes b)I have somehow built up some good karma somewhere or c)God is a PSU fan and wants us Penn State fans to stick together.

Now I just have to decipher this troopers handwriting so I can actually write that letter.

Nice to be treated like a law abiding gun owner, when you are one.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 10:42:42 PM EDT
For the longest time, being a nice, respectable guy seemed to get me warnings for sppeding, failing to stop, ran a red light, etc... Then all the sudden, I get a ticket every time I see a cop. I was worrying about insurance for a while, a few years ago.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 10:44:07 PM EDT
That must be why we haven’t won a game all season; The Real Boss Upstairs is watching over the Junior Varsity and not the Joe Pa's charges.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 10:53:46 PM EDT

Originally Posted By GiggleSmith:
That must be why we haven’t won a game all season; The Real Boss Upstairs is watching over the Junior Varsity and not the Joe Pa's charges.

But I thought it was because our offensive line couldn't stop a charging horde of 5th graders.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 11:02:03 PM EDT
I have a hell story about a cop from the other night but I won't tell it....

basically I got pulled over and he said i was going faster then I was.... but didn't clock me... whatever..

glad to see it all worked out well!

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