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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/28/2003 10:10:24 AM EDT
Do I get a Kentucky rifle kit (do it somewhat yourself) or an italian colt SAA copy in .357?

Wanted both for a while. Final cost will be about the same in both cases.

Will shoot both about the same (1-2 times per month). Can use the SAA for intro level cowboy shooting at my club, and use the rifle, when finished, for entry level black powder shooting.

I am really up in the air.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:14:39 AM EDT
Put a little more with it and buy an AK.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:23:12 AM EDT
Out of the choices I say SAA revolver. But being me I would say save up some more and get an AR.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 11:40:49 AM EDT
Add a little more money and buy a real shooter. Get a Mini-14.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 12:00:29 PM EDT
Buy (2) consecutive numbered AR lowers. Then you have a reason for two more ARs. The consecutive number thing will also help you hold on to both of them![;)] CH
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 12:41:38 PM EDT
I already have an AR, and my wife has one, and I have a spare lower. I was thinking about an upper or two extra, but I really only want the upper my wife already has.... I was also thinking about a pistol upper or two, but only if the ban goes away so I can get hi caps. I have an SKS, and the AK does not really appeal to me.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 4:00:43 PM EDT
SAA's in .357Mag. don't balance very well and are heavy, I'd go for the BP gun kit. Or better yet, send your money to me to help me get a .300Fireball upper for my AR,LOL.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 4:26:33 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Keyser_Soze: Add a little more money and buy a real shooter. Get a Mini-14.
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[LOL] [ROFL2] [LOL] [ROFL2] Whatever...[rolleyes] Begone, fvcktard. [b]Happyshooter- I vote for the SAA revolver.[/b]
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:24:30 PM EDT
Here’s a slightly better idea; Buy a case or so of ammo for the firearms you already own. I just ordered 2,000 subsonic 9mm myself.[uzi] It should last until next year. Maybe.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:32:12 PM EDT
$250? I'd get a 10/22 and a WHOLE lot of ammo.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:32:52 PM EDT
what? this many replies and not once a [b]GET BOTH[/b] reply?? [:D]
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 10:57:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 11:08:25 PM EDT
Save up for a Speshul Wepinz SW-5. [:D] Just kidding. 10/22 sounds like a good idea.
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