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Posted: 9/12/2001 8:07:20 AM EDT
They arrest two terrs with a carload of explosives at the scene of WTC...must have been waiting for the rescuers.. The main thing to remember is to not panic...no need to run on the bank..or fuel ..or food..etc..these bastards these animals want us to panic ...that way the feds will have no choice but to declare martial law ...which will fuel fear of Govt siezures etc..the fear many have of the Federal Govt can end up becoming a self fufilling prophecy... I believe the terrs would love for this to happen In fact I wouldnt be surprised if this is one of their missions to get some internal turmoil started...if we stay calm ..help each other..watch out for our neighbors..there will be no need for more restraint on our liberty...We have weathered much more than this in our history..we need to find these guys ...and their friends ..and wipe them from the face ot the earth...once and for all imo
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