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Posted: 3/29/2009 5:24:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:31:54 PM EST
geese are mean
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:32:02 PM EST

It was just getting revenge for all its decapitated brothers
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:32:39 PM EST
Dk......... oh nevermind
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:36:33 PM EST
Dog = FAIL.

The guy had the damn thing THREE times by the neck. I think by the third time I would just whip it around and broken its neck.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:40:30 PM EST
He needs a new dog.

Don't worry Obama supports our right to defend ourselves from geese with firearms, cause can't you tell, he needed it. Now warm cuddly human violent criminals, that just inhuman, your can't defend yourself then.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:41:40 PM EST

gotta love youtube comments

"i'd have drowned that annoying goose when it was in my hand if i were that guy. it was geese just like that one that crashed that jet in new york. asshole goose"
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:41:52 PM EST
My dad always told me, "never let a dog, especially a young dog, have to try to kill a wounded goose; they are just too mean, and will ruin the dog." Geese are mean, and big. We always made sure they were very dead, if the dog was retrieving.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:43:47 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 5:44:37 PM EST by pv74]
And when he goes goose hunting he is going to come back with nothing

Life is funny sometimes

Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:50:52 PM EST
Dog should have bladed at 45
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:51:18 PM EST
Imagine, if you will, every anti-gun statement you've ever seen from An Official Source - like maybe our stellar Attorney General, or even some idiot police chief. Now substitute "goose" for every firearm term used....
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:52:34 PM EST
He should've slammed the drawer.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:53:09 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 5:53:44 PM EST by armoredsaint]
is it legal to kill that SOB in defense? i hate all their shit on the walkways around our 'hood

even my gentle bird dog would have fucked that bird up
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 5:56:26 PM EST
I remember the first goose my dog went to get that wasn't dead yet. It started flapping around and she just turned around and swam back to me with this look like: "What the HELL was that?"

She would still retrieve them afterwards, but was a little more cautious. Some of those honkers are so big that she has to grab the neck or the wing and drag them back.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 6:00:06 PM EST
I would have knocked that mfer out.
I've seen someone knock out a steelhead before, so I know you could knock out a goose.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:11:37 PM EST
At 0:47, and again at 1:11-1:20, the guy missed two perfect opportunities to say, "Is Darth Vader gonna have to choke a goose?"
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:18:23 PM EST
Holy shit that was funny.

They were driving away like the scene in Jurassic Park.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:21:20 PM EST
I'd like to have seen that happen to my male Blue Heeler, as it would have quite badly for the goose.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:22:14 PM EST
That goose had a duty to retreat.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:25:05 PM EST
This thread needs more cowbell dresser drawer....
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:46:52 PM EST
interesting- that was also a chessie. mine would've sank the fricken boat tryin to get that goose.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 9:52:17 PM EST
That goose was having roid rage
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