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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/9/2001 2:15:42 PM EST
Going un-guided to the San Juan National Forest. Buy a tag and wander around. How about helpful advice. Heck, how about a low priced local guide. I will also accept GPS numbers for a Guaranteed hot spot. Okay, will any of you guys just take me around and let me kill a big elk? Is that asking too much? Sad to leave the AR at home. thanks, Dayton
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 3:20:37 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 3:55:18 PM EST
Getting an elk here in God's Country isn't as easy as the magazines make you think. Most locals, like myself, have to hunt for years before we "get our elk." It's really a humbling experience, especially if you've been successful with whitetails. Elk are much smarter, they can smell you better, hear you better, and out smart you in the woods. The magazine writers and pro hunters have pre-planned trips, with known elk and known elk paths. My group goes up a couple of times a year to scout, but that's still not enough. My advice, be humble, get in good shape (you'll be walking between 9000 and 12,500 feet or so, depending on temp), figure out a dry sock solution (I like to weak sock liners), and hope for the best. Don't be dissapointed if you come back with empty hands.
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 4:00:37 PM EST
You lucky SOB. I am afraid I am not of much help as I have not been elk hunting however; someday I will. Like Frontsight! said, I don't think elk hunting is that easy but good luck nonetheless. Just remember it is all about the hunt, the harvest is just a reward.
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 7:34:11 PM EST
Sorry no tips to give, but I just have to brag because I was lucky enough to draw a buck and cow tags for 2nd season. Just to add a little salt to the wound...because I'm active duty military on orders to be stationed in CO I pay resident rates: $23.25 for deer and 30.25 for elk.
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 9:14:38 PM EST
If ya can just get them durn things outta my drive way[BD]. Between them and the durn Aunty Lopes my drives a mess[V] Now if you were on 285 between County 32 and Kenosha Pass around dusk, they come for water by Packer Gultch and the Milligan Lakes...herd is around 150-200 animals. A record bull was taken about 3 miles from my front door last year, the head and rack about filled the bed of a S10 pick up. can't help you out with the SW part of the state, now if it was Pike[:D] Jim
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 3:03:13 AM EST
why the san juans? are you going with a large party and where in the san juans are you going? out of delores maybe. have hunted down there a few times and its ok if you have a place to go already. most areas I know down there are good if you go by horse back but to walk in is a bitch as most areas off the roads are private up disapointment creek and its straight up and down for alot of the access. but that was just where I went and I'am sure it most likely is a big area. did you put in for a draw for elk or are you going for the over the counter license which would start the second season on oct.20. have hunted elk and deer here for over twenty years and the first twenty or so before deer went to a drawing my deer was taken all but two years and elk runs about 60%. if you are going the first combined season be forwarned it most likely will be crowded. the drawing and large increase in license fees this year may slow it down abit. the number of deer hunters have been cut back by around a third of what it was around five years ago. are you driving out or flying and renting or meeting some one. hope you have chains for all four wheels because the end of oct. the roads could be a mess. I drew my deer tags for the white river out of meeker as my second choice and will try for a left over cow tag in aug. or will get a bull tag over the counter if I have to. shot my elk on fort carson last year but did not get drawn for it this year so have a couple of points for deer and 1 for elk for next year. email me and we can talk. jon
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 12:43:22 PM EST
JC121, Don't have your e-mail address posted. Mine is. Drop me a note. Went to CO 3 years ago. Got invited to the Saguche area. Tent camp was set up when we arrived. Bought deer and bull tags, but no luck. My freind has been out 5 or 6 times. But to different areas. He has had luck in San Juan between Durango and Pagosa Springs. I think, right near Chimney Rock. Planning to spead a couple of days there and then asses the situation and may make a move. We found a spot we liked in Saguche but not until the last day and half of the season. We are open for suggestions. Flying into Denver on Oct. 18. Driving down from there. What do you think? Dayton
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 4:28:24 PM EST
Small world M24Expert. I hunt unit 501, fourth season. Usually we cover the draws leading out of South Park to the east. I got a nice one last year. Advice? I am not as much in awe of elk intelligence as most. On the run, they can be stupid. I would suggest you get a cow call. I have turned a number of herds in my direction with it. I also use fresh Elk scent. [sniper] Good Luck!
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 5:30:58 PM EST
the Void: Lotsa elk down there in the lowlands.... One thing you should do is send an E-mail to the DOW and ask for the District Wildlife Manager for the area. Contact him/her and ask about populations, migration routes, public property or private property that is overrun with the beasties. They scout them all year long.... Finally, if all else fails, there are two strategies that can be successful. One - get up high (above timberline) with good optics. Second - the only substitute for good optics is great boot leather. Hunt the dark timber, the steep and deep, anywhere where it access is tough. Be quiet and take your time. HTH....SRM
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 5:48:26 PM EST
"On the run, they can be stupid." This is correct, but it's rare when you get them on the run. If they catch scent of you before you see them, you'll never know they were there. The only time this hasn't happened to me, is when something spooked about 50 head of elk on the other side of a hill...they came over it right at me. I just stood there like a dumba$$ and watched them kinda stampede by. Elk live in the hardest terrain there is, and they're good at navigating it. They'll be in the dark timber when you're hunting the ridge tops, and they'll be up hight when you're in the dark timber. Weather the last couple of years has been awful hot for elk, so they're way high. Elk are rarely by roads, so even if you glass them, plan to walk your a$$ off, at high altitude, with plenty of water, and be prepared for a surprise snow storm. Enjoy! :)
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 6:10:41 PM EST
oops thought that my email was listed. jcoppen983@earthlink.net srm could not of said it better!! sounds like you are connected to a group all ready and with some more hunting in that area you should find some degree of sucess. the elk numbers are up for this year. check out www.wildlife.state.co.us or you can get their by serching colorado division of wildlife and that should get you their also. its a good site as it breaks down all last years numbers for any area plus other great info. I have been thinking of the flat tops area as a good friend that I used to hunt with has had great success up there but he goes way back in the boonies and with out a atv or horse to use to pack in a drop camp. you have a lot of hunters also if you do not get away from the roads . but he has except for last years early snow in the area has seen herds every day and has gotten some killer elk out of there. but that area is dangerous for if you geyt caught back there in a snow storm you might not be able to get atv's out. I understand their may be some pay for info sights that could pinpoint the elk area's that you may be looking for. you need to talk to someone in the know for that area because you could be only a few miles away from a local herd and not even know it. I most likely will be going by myself this year because of the tags that I drew and maybe one other person. man flying in to denver. it will take you longer to drive there than it took you to fly to denver. hunting habits vary for deer and elk depending on the area's you hunt. so my telling you would not be any use unless I new the area or could study it. try SRM's advice and call the local warden as for what they are going to charge you this year for elk tags they should help you. good luck
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