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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/7/2006 10:34:37 PM EST
How many days do you think is too much?

Here's the scenarion:

The family and I are going to Kentucky in July to visit my wifes parents(and the rest of her family). I like all of her family and don't mind going at all. I get 3 weeks of paid vacation a year. She wants to spend 18 days on vacation.....seems like a long time to me. 2 of those days will be traveling back and forth. Since I make my own schedule I can switch my normal days off so that I only have to use about 10 days worth of my vacation time.

She hasn't seen her family in 3 years. I understand she wants to see her family, but 18 days just seems like a heck of a long time. Is it unreasonable for me to think that is too long?

Could you spend 18 days sleeping on your in-laws couch?

Link Posted: 2/7/2006 10:42:04 PM EST
18 days would be a bit long for me personally, does her family want house guests for that long?
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 10:45:47 PM EST
Visiting family is not a "vacation" it is a "visit". 18 days? Way too long, a week tops.
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 10:45:56 PM EST
Yes its long for you and sleeping on a couch gets old real fast if its not a quality hide a bed . Does your wife work? If not she has all the time to burn you don't. If you want to go you have the option of driving over and coming back early. She can take a plane train or bus back home. She gets her time with the family and you get to save some of your time for a trip you want to take.
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 10:48:11 PM EST
This past Thanksgiving I stayed longer than I ever had. I stayed gone 18 days total.

With a rental car I put 1900 miles on, hitting 3 places in 3 states......I stayed too damn long.

It was nice to see everyone, and I spaced the trip out a little here and a little there, but it was still just too damn long.

2 week max for me from now on, period.

Link Posted: 2/7/2006 11:02:54 PM EST
18 days at your in-laws?

+1 for TOO long.

You like them now...

KEEP it that way, and do 10 days...TOPS!
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 11:06:56 PM EST
Go visit for five days. Then do something else for seven days. Then come back through for three or four days, and take a lazy trip back home, stopping to see the sights.

Link Posted: 2/7/2006 11:15:11 PM EST
We are flying down, and her dad owns a junkyard so we don't have to worry about renting a car when we are down there. We'll be driving a piece of shit car classic automobile

Staying with them for that long doesn't bother me, we used to live next door to them so I saw them all the time anyways. I get along very well with them. Plus I'll spend most of my time out in the junkyard working on some project or other.

My problem is 18 days seems like a long time. If someone offered me a fishing or hunting trip that was 18 days long I don't think I'd even be interested in that.
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 11:22:54 PM EST

Originally Posted By Kooter:
Could you spend 18 days sleeping on your in-laws couch?

Last summer, my brother and his family (wife and two boys) came up from Florida to visit. They stayed at my home for 9 days. I love my brother and his family, even his pain in the ass Franco - American wife. But 9 days was a major inconvenience, even for family. My wife and I had to use unplanned vacation time to spend entertaining them. This was a problem because we had a newborn and already used up nearly all the time we had because he was in and out of the hospital for a breathing ailment.
My brother had nothing in mind for his family to do while visiting beautiful N.E. Ohio (not excatly the vacation Mecca of America). Coming from Orlando, Fla. the boys/wife were bored to tears. We have three sisters nearby and they tried to take them off my hands but they have jobs as well.
As I said, 9 days was too much. I could live with 5 but 18 days? Someone would end up with bruised feelings or worse. And we are a close family.
Now if they had a major disaster and needed a place to stay, that's another matter.

Visit family for a reasonable amount of time. Take your vacation, as a vacation. Go somehwere where people are paid to entertain you.
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 1:24:12 AM EST
Hey, I like my in-laws but, they'd have to GIVE me a classic car for me to stay with them more than a week. +1 for breking the visit up into pieces. Stay safe
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 1:46:20 AM EST
SOunds long
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