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Posted: 1/9/2002 5:43:06 PM EDT
Getting my screwed up left elbow fixed... anyone else ever have a joint worked on? You'd think this'd be an outpatient thing, but they're keeping me overnight. I dunno if that's usual or not. Just so you know, I messed it up in my 'Retail Security' final evaluation, while fastroping down from the atrium above the foodcourt. I guess I just don't have what it takes to become a mall ninja. Ninjas are SWEEEET!!! [:P]
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Link Posted: 1/9/2002 5:44:16 PM EDT
Just remind them which one needs work.
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 5:49:32 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Sukebe: Just remind them which one needs work.
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Girlfriend's going to hit the good arm with sharpie marker tonight, directing them to the other limb.
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 5:50:46 PM EDT
Make sure she doesn't put an X to say not here, they might think X marks the spot. [:D] Luck.
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 5:52:05 PM EDT
Good luck
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 6:03:06 PM EDT
Good luck I have not had Arm surgery, but I just had neck surgery took out C5 & C6 with a fusion and plates 12/17/01. Thats from World Trade Center. Had a Back L5/S1 Discectomy-Leminectomy on 5/11/00 doing CPR on someone popped it. Had 3 knee Surgerys 2 to my right knee in 75 thanks to Nam was shot, and 1 to left 1991. Had some other surgerys and I'm still kicking at age 49 which was on 01/02/02. Just go in there do it enjoy the pain meds and do your rehab when you get out.
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Link Posted: 1/9/2002 6:33:19 PM EDT
My nephew had a doctor open-up his wrong leg. The new nurse in prep put an X on the leg that wasn't to be worked on, and the doctor's staff usually used an X to mark where to do the surgery. So, they changed their protocol to be an X where to do the surgery and an unhappy face :( on the wrong side. So, I suggest an unhappy face on the left arm.z
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 6:35:40 PM EDT
"Gunbert's" are designed to survive and be fine ! It's a scientific fact. [smoke]
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 6:52:33 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 5subslr5: "Gunbert's" are designed to survive and be fine ! It's a scientific fact. [smoke]
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You know it... I keep thinking of the themesong from "The Six Million Dollar Man". [BD]
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 7:41:06 PM EDT
Don't even waste time, write in BIG letters "WRONG ARM" on your good arm, so there is absolutely NO mistake.
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[Last Edit: 1/9/2002 8:24:13 PM EDT by palmer]
Had hand surgery to replace tendons/nerves on 7/01. Need another one for same injury on 2/02. I had to stay overnight, worst part(besides pain) is I puked my guts out all night in the hospital, they said it was caused by the [s]anestia[/s] [s]aneistia[/s] [s]anastia[/s] uhhhh, the stuff that puts ya to sleep dammit![:D] Good luck with yours.[beer]
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 9:24:14 PM EDT
Good night, all. I see ya's in a day or so.
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 9:31:35 PM EDT
Shoulder (rotator cuff) in '86. Hurt real bad. Not as bad as the appendix in '91 though. Just be sure to rehab properly and take it easy afterwards if you have any pain doing something. Hopefully, you'll get a shot of demerol (appendix). That be some good sh*t.
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Link Posted: 1/9/2002 9:36:27 PM EDT
Don't even get me started on joint surgeries.....[shudder] sgtar15
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