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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/19/2006 11:26:30 PM EST
Looking for any advice, heads up type information. I'm going to one put on by WVSP Academy staff. It lasts one week and fires at distances no longer than fifty yards. I work in a rural to urban area and our rifle qual. will extend to 100 yards.

Do most use Q targets or a variety including the Army 25 Meter qual. target. I don't have any choice as to optics. I have an Armalite M4 with iron sights I'll be using for the class. I've already taken other instructor classes there and they seem to be heavy on shooting. Unfortunately I've been provided new Wolf ammo. Any experience in such situations with Wolf?

Any infor or hints are appreciated. I know all instructor development courses are different but I can use any info.
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 7:40:27 AM EST
Not being from WV I can't help you specifically, but every carbine or pistol course I've ever attended used either IDPA cardboard targets or various forms of steel. Either way it was essentially an 8 inch "A zone". It won't really matter anyway, just put your shots where you want them!

Your irons will be just fine.

Is "heavy on shooting" good or bad? IMHO good. Performing the skill should take more time than talking about it.

Wolf--oh boy, NOW you've done it! On Arfcom the attitude towards Wolf is highly polarized. You're either going to be just fine or you will die instantly when you fire the first round

My personal experience with Wolf is it is not terrible, but also not great. I've shot quite a bit of it but it is certainly not the first choice. Velocity and therefore accuracy tends to vary, but inside 100M you should be OK. Quality control is not very good so inspect all your rounds for dents and length as you load it up. Steel cases can be rough on extractors. Bring an extra bolt group with you if you can. The latter is a good idea anyways.


Link Posted: 3/20/2006 10:42:13 PM EST
The Wolf was done against my wishes by the fellow going there with me. While I think it functions fine I don't use it because it's so dirty. As much as we're gonna shoot there we're going to have more stoppages and cleaning time than we should.

I have no spare parts, the only thing I could do with a failure is finish the class with my FAL using my own ammo and hope I get reimbursed.

I agree the more you shoot the better the Wolf thing kinda makes it cut the other way. Not to mention it's my own weapon and don't wanna put too much wear and abuse on it as often happens in these classes.We shot so much during pistol instructor school I wore a blister on my left thumb knuckle from the tang.
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 6:23:56 AM EST
Buy a spare bolt and extractor/spring before you go. Make sure you have good quality magazines. If it's your own rifle, I wouldn't shoot Wolf through it. Spend the money and find some Federal AE or similar. www.gandrtactical.com is a really good place to get a CMT or LMT bolt.
Link Posted: 3/24/2006 11:02:46 PM EST
I just went to Patrol Rifle Instructor School back last September in Allentown Pa. The NRA put it on. Great class, the instructors were square away. I would recommend the following:
1) Dedicated Weapon Light
2) Good Tactical Sling
3) Knee Pads
4) Extra Mags

1 and 2 are highly recommended. My Dept. just got the carbines in so I was able to take them out before the class and zero them. I only took one. The sling that came with the Carbine, (Bushmaster) was just a cheap sling, basic hook up. The NRA said that a flashlight would be needed. Dedicated lights are the way to go especially when you're doing a low light/night time transition to handgun.

When I got back to the Dept. after the class, I was able to get Surefires and a Ambi- Sling Point that mounts between the receiver and the stock. I also went with single point slings for the Dept because of simplicity.

Hope this helps.
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