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Posted: 9/13/2001 8:34:53 AM EDT
Someone got a little over zealous in their moderation. I didn't see our discussion as being uncivil... but someone else did (AntiUSSA). I just wanted to say this one last thing:
Originally Posted By GoatBoy: WGUNN, I did not make that reply as a response to you (in fact your poast wasn't even up as I wrote it) I simply wanted to comment on the whole the whats and whys of this discussion. I agree that those in the Northern Alliance may harbor ill will towards us as well, but that will be decided when we're wiping the country clean of all souls. Like I said, everyone there has the choice to flee or rise against their government now. The choice is theirs in all these countries. Guilt by association. I'll tell you this, if this happened in this country, you can be assured I would rise against the parties responsible and die fighting them. -- GB
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Sorry, I guess I assumed you were responding to me. Your comments about not calling others "racist" seemed to point to my post as the source for your rebuttal. I believe you will stand next to me and others who will take up arms to defend our nation. I never meant to question that. I know you feel the same rage I do, I've seen that in your posts. Semper Fi
Link Posted: 9/13/2001 8:44:32 AM EDT
I'd also like to know why the thread with the pics of the devil in the smoke was locked! There was no pissing match, no name calling, no nudity, no false claims... the pic on CNN at least was real, watch the video for yourself. It had as much right to remain open and be discussed as any of the other threads regarding Nostradamas' predictions or whatever, yet all the ARAB bashing threads are okay to stay open? GO figure? What get me is thread locking with NO explanation as to why... M.
Link Posted: 9/13/2001 9:04:15 AM EDT
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