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Posted: 5/28/2001 5:00:39 PM EDT
Thinking about buying one,what do you guys think?Amigo.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:02:50 PM EDT
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Good carry gun, I would think. However, there have been reports of the slide blowing up on Glock 40 S&W's due to very high pressure of the round.
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Originally Posted By USMC03: Almost forgot, if they were a POS the FBI and numerous other Federal, State, Counties, and Municipalities wouldn't be carrying them.
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Ever hear of the lowerst bidder concept?
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:18:09 PM EDT
did you have a look at HK USP very good guns
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:19:23 PM EDT
DON'T USE LEAD BULLETS IN A GLOCK FACTORY BARREL! This will cause the "Kaboom Factor". Otherwise it is a great gun. You can buy a good quality after market barrel(I bought mine from Olympic) made for a Glock 23 but in 9mm and a couple of Glock 19 mags. Now you can shoot 9mm or 40 cal. If you want to reload and shoot 40 cal lead bullets you will have to get another after market barrel with conventional rifling. Simple design makes it easy to clean and lots of fun to shoot!
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:20:44 PM EDT
I use one for carry and have run 5000+ rounds of reloads through it with out problem one. It is affordable, accurate and is a model of simplicity. A couple of months ago the slide release spring broke. $3 and a day later it was back together. High caps are still readily available also. Go for it!
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:29:18 PM EDT
I have a G23, and it is a great pistol. It is smaller than my G22, and easier to handle than my G27. I have never have had any trouble with it. I just put night sights on in. Glockmiester sells a great kit which includes night sights, trigger, extended slide stop and take-down and a grip plug. http://www.glockmeister.com/kit.html I bought the G22 first. If I would of bought the G23 before the G22, I would of never bought the G22. The G23 just fits my needs better than the G22. I do carry the G27 (because it is smaller and easier to carry) daily, but my hope is never to fire this pistol, other than for target practice. I don't think you can go wrong with buying any Glock. If you do not like it, sell it and get all your money back. Look for a rebuilt one and save a few bucks over new. OSA
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:31:08 PM EDT
Amigo, Sign up for the GlockList@yahoogroups.com and they offer alot of useful carry info on the G23. As I recall, of all the Glock models it was the most popular (most widely carried). I don't feel the Glocks win most bids by being lowest bidder. Beretta firearms are also great firearms and competively priced for Law Enforcement. S&W Sigma series beats Glocks prices all day long. So I don't believe lowest bidder is always the winner. Sometimes yes, such as the Federal Corrections Institute's using Ruger P93 DAO 9mm. The instructor actually said something to the likes that that model was found more reliabile and more accurate than Glocks, Sigs and Berettas. Something I find hard to believe having owned Sigs, Berettas, Glocks and Rugers in 9mm. Get the Trijicon Night Sight option if you can. I really like mine.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:34:07 PM EDT
I think it's one of the best CCW. lightweight. reliable. 13 rounds of .40. low short slide means less muzzle flip. I've never seen a Glock rust. I've owned all the .40 glocks, and I love the G23.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:37:27 PM EDT
Damn,those were quick responses!I've looked into a couple of them,I like the Glock the best.I'd read that about swapping for a 9mm barrel,that sound very interesting,I'm also going to get a 22LR conversion kit for it too. From what I've read the slide malfunction is due to a spring or something.I don't know,it's looking pretty good.I knew I'd get some good info from you fellas.Thanks Amigo.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:19:23 PM EDT
If I were to get a GLOCK, the G23 is the one I'd get...
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:27:43 PM EDT
I'm about 99.9% convinced,gonna have to sleep on it.[thinking]
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:34:07 PM EDT
I carry the Glock 23 in a fanny pack. She’s nice and light, which is important because if it’s no fun to carry, your more apt to leave your gun at home, and you never know… The only modification I’ve made to her is to put on an adhesive sandpaper-like decals that I ordered from Brownells. I like it better than a Glock Sock because it doesn’t add width to the grip. Keep a Glock clean and she’ll take care of you.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:46:09 PM EDT
Ah jeez, I should print this up on a .doc and just paste it in . . . Lead bullets and the Glock kB! are a myth. The guns blow up, but it's not from lead bullets. It's from fatigued brass that has work hardened by being shot in the oversized (but within SAAMI spec -- barely) chambers with deep, unsupported feed ramps. The brass gets stretched, flows forward, and then gets resized. Resizing work hardens the brass, and as it gets thinner around the web, the unsupported feed ramp on the Glock lets it cut loose . . . kaBOOM! Usually it blows the mag out the well and the slide off the frame. Sometimes it blows a finger loose or puts out an eye. The "lead bullet myth" comes from the fact that semi-auto calibers don't come from the factory in lead bullet loads. Polyagonal rifling has been used in guns since the 17th century. Lots of lead shot through these barrels in 400 years without a problem. As for Glocks generally. I can't stand them. I had a G-22 (40 cal). Hated the trigger, hated the balance. Hated the possibility that it would blow apart from my reloads. Glock VOIDS its warranty when you shoot reloads in their guns. Once voided, the warranty is ALWAYS voided . . . It's in their manual. FBI, LEO's and such carry Glock because Gaston got aggressive about getting the contracts. Most LEO types carry the gun around in a holster. It guards doughnuts and coffee. Police don't shoot that much. If you like them, it's a decent gun. It's not God though. I'd rather have a SIG, Smith, H&K, or a 1911. For carry I like a Smith Mod. 60 snub in .357. It's just to cover my ass until I get to the shotgun.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:52:30 PM EDT
I have owned Models 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. The 21 was my favorite but for ccw I currently have (and will never part with) a Model 23. It has an extended slide release and trigger work (smoothed with lighter trigger pull) and all engraving is high-lighted in white. This pistol shoots great, looks great, and works great for concealed carry. All work was performed by T R Graham. Excellent Glock armorer!
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 7:17:36 PM EDT
I needed a traveling pistol, so I bought a Glock 23 third generation (under barrel rails, finger grooves, back hand grip hump), I had never shot the Glock 23, I have shot plenty of other Glocks and I have liked them. I didn't get a chance to shoot my Glock 23 until after I had it for a week (my fault). After the first 20 rounds my hand was bleeding from the web of skin between my index finger and my thumb. The finger grooves were positioning my hand so that the slide was cutting it. I ended up haveing to adopt a very funky and uncomfortable hand grip. Yea yea, BLOW ME to all of you who say that I don't have a proper hand grip. I have large hands. Boo! After owning it for three months and shooting it it cut me again. I had enough, I got out the Dremel Tool and I went to town. I ground down the finger grooves until they were flush. I ground down the sharp corners on the right side of the trigger guard as they were digging into my middle finger. I also ground down the plastic molding flashing seam in the middle of the inside of the trigger guard. I filled up the stipeling on the handguard where I had ground down the finger grooves with a "secret mixture", filed it smooth and put skateboard grip tape over it. Now it fit my hand perfect! Now it is enjoyable to shoot. Yea, yea, yea, I should of waited to find a brand new first or second generation Glock 23 without the finger grooves...NOT! I wanted the rails. I found out that Glock will sell you a new lower with different serial numbers that dosen't have the finger grooves in it. It costs $150 from your freindly FFL, you have to send in the slide from your current Glock as they fit the new lower to it. That kind of defeats the purpose of the Glock 23 being an inexpensive pistol though. I have owned a H&K USP compact 40. It was a great gun. The USP is a little wider than the Glock. I like the exposed hammer on the USP, the decocker, and the ambi mag release. The only things that sucks about the H&K is the fact that hi-cap mags are not avalible for the Compact 40, and stock 10 round mags are about $40.00. I like the simplicity of the Glock, I like how thin it is, and I like the fact that you can get hi-cap mags for it. Stock 10 round mags are about $15.00 at good gun shows and on the net. "If" I carried my Glock 23 concealed I would have a 13 round Glock 23 mag in it with a 15 round Glock 22 mag mags for my spare. I still wish I had the H&K USP 40 Compact to go with my Glock 40. My only advice to you is to try one before you buy it.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 7:25:45 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/28/2001 7:24:22 PM EDT by HalfMoon]
When the .40S&W was introduced I rushed out and bought a Smith 4006, thought it was okay.. Then..... Glock released the 23. The first one that came in to my local dealer was immediately snached up by me. So far I have put an estimated 10,000 rounds through it without a single malfunction. Everything is still working fine, even the two 13 round mags that I always keep fully loaded. If you want plain and simply a good .40 that will take care of you, the 23 is the way to go. I've had mine forever and even with many other brands in my house, I still love it.
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Link Posted: 5/28/2001 7:36:39 PM EDT
Has anyone mounted a nitelite on their G23? I just tried my G22 Comp, and was suprised with the effect of the vented powder on the light. I wasn't expecting it to make such a difference. My G27 won't support a lite, so, I guess a nonported G23 is in my future. Is there enough meat on the G23 to support a light? I'm using a Surefire that has an additional mount to the front of the trigger guard. I'd like to move it to the G23 if it will fit.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 8:12:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/28/2001 8:10:51 PM EDT by dissipator556]
Do you want the gun primarily for shooting or primarily for concealed carry? My Glock 27 with the plus one-mag extensions (about 5 bucks each and ABSOLUTELY neccessary to better handle the small gun) is wonderful for my averaged sized hands. If you have very large hands, I would stay away from the 27, but if you are relatively average, give the 27 a shot before committing to the 23. The 27 can also accept hi-caps from the 22 and 23 (useful for keeping on the nightstand). The downside to the 27 is that you don't get the mounting rail (too small) but if it is for concealed carry, you probably won't be concealing the gun with a light on it. I prefer the 27 over the 23 because the smaller size allows the gun to be so easily concealed and also lets you sit down without discomfort. Figure out whether this gun will be used more for competition or more for daily carry...then decide based on that. Just my .02...of course.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:24:19 AM EDT
Yes, I think you should get one. As to the 9mm conversion, you need a barrel and mags. Lots of people (including me) find this to work fine. A few people experience the brass flying straight backwards. IF this happens, THEN you need to replce the ejector. as to the extractor, it works fine. There is a theory that peening will cause it to break, but there has never been a first hand account of this, and a lot of people put a lot of rounds through them, switching back and forth. A great resource is www.glocktalk.com If you are buying high caps, I suggest one G23 13 rounder and the rest G22 15 rounders. That way you have a flush fit for carry and your spares hold more rounds. The NFML mags sit a little more flush than the FML mags. The M3 is a great addition to the pistol. I consider it more important than night sights but prefer both), as with the light on you can use your regular sights. If it is too dark to use your regular sights you may want to get a better ID on your target before destroying it. As to weapon mounted lights being "suicide lights" or causing you to point your weapon anywhere your light points, you can detatch the light and use it as a hand held. Also, with the light atached you can poit it at the ceiling or floor and still have enough light to see straight ahead. And if you poit it at the targets eyes he will have to look awy/close his eyes or be temporarily blinded. Get the G23 and an M3. Then later get the G35.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 5:35:29 AM EDT
You don't need to buy G19 mags. 9mm ammo fits in a g23 and will work fine. Some people even buy G23 mags to put in their G19s for the extra rounds. I think you can fit 14-15 9mm in a 10 round G23 and like 17-18 in a G23 preban. It probably is against the law to do this but that is up to you.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 5:54:27 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 6:11:58 AM EDT
Originally Posted By GeoffM24: You don't need to buy G19 mags. 9mm ammo fits in a g23 and will work fine. Some people even buy G23 mags to put in their G19s for the extra rounds. I think you can fit 14-15 9mm in a 10 round G23 and like 17-18 in a G23 preban. It probably is against the law to do this but that is up to you.
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First off, Amigo you'll love the G23 it is a great gun! The size is perfect, it feels like you have a full size pistol but carries like a sub compact. Definetely do like some of the others have suggested, get a couple of G23 hi-caps (13rd.) then if you purchase more get G22 hi-caps (15rd.) that way if (more like when) you get a G22 or G35 your mags will fit those models as well. I've had the 9mm conversion barrel for nearly 3 years now and enjoy knowing I can swap if need be. It works great and aside from the barrel ALL YOU'LL NEED IS A 9MM MAG. Glock .40 mags rarely hold 9mm rounds anything over a third to half full. The gap is a little too wide and when you start getting 6+ rds. in there the spring pressure gets to great and usually unloads the mag in a 1/2 second. [b]What you should want is reliability so just spend a few $$ and get a 9mm mags, post-ban mags are around $15 and pre-ban NDF are around $55.[/b] Or pick up a metal lined Promag 9mm hi-cap for $20-$29. Last but not least, in your spare time when funds are available pick up a .357 Sig barrel. It'll drop right in as well and you can use the .40 hi-caps.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 6:04:35 PM EDT
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Thanks guys, Wow,that's alot of good info,I'm going to have to write this stuff down.Alright,I'm gonna do it.[pistol]I'll be checking prices tomorrow.Thanks again.[beer]Amigo.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 9:03:47 PM EDT
I think the 23 is a little more fun to shoot than the 22 and definitely the better concealed choice. Only thing I've got that's smaller is a S&W 60 .357 with a 2" barrel. I picked up an aftermarket barrel for 69 bucks from Brownells for shooting lead.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 4:37:14 AM EDT
The guys at Glock talk say that G23 mags work fine in G19s and hold more 9mm rounds. Personally I'm going to side with the Glock Talk guys on this one.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:15:33 AM EDT
I have a Glock 23, our duty weapon. It is a semiautomatic revolver. It is ok, I would prefer my 1911's. Also we did have one blow at the range. It was with factory ammo. For lead I am getting another barrel with cut rifling and a better supported chamber. The Glock was a military weapon and was made for reliability. Ain't no 1911
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:21:32 AM EDT
at Glocktalk there is a split on this. Some say fine, some say bad reliability. For example: http://glocktalk.com/docs/gtubb/Forum3/HTML/013207.html http://glocktalk.com/docs/gtubb/Forum3/HTML/012381.html There are a ton of threads on 40 to 9mm conversion. On most there are people that say no problem, and people that say they have had a problem.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:24:27 AM EDT
I just tried a .40 in a promag. It fits but feeds bad in the gun. Any ideas?
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 8:20:35 AM EDT
All I can say is that I tried putting 9's in two of my pre-ban .40 hi-caps and after so many rds. they shot out like a roman candle. IMO there would be even more of a chance of this happening when firing the firearm, these are risk I don't feel are neccessary to take. I do not have post-ban mags, there may be truth to 9's working in .40 mags. [b]My thoughts are: Eliminate the worry and you'll enjoy the time using the conversion more.[/b]
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