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Posted: 3/22/2002 8:24:56 AM EDT
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence 1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20005 Brady Campaign Phone: (202) 898-0792 Brady Campaign Fax: (202) 371-9615 Brady Center Phone: (202) 289-7319 Brady Center Fax: (202) 408-1851 To contact the Legal Action Project of The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, please write, call or fax to: The Legal Action Project of The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence 1250 Eye Street, Suite 802 Washington, DC 20005 LAP Phone: (202) 289-7319 LAP Web Site: www.gunlawsuits.org Ask her: "My understanding is that sarah brady has purchased a "high powered sniper rifle" for her son thru an illegal straw purchase. Can you confirm this for me????" (See the parallel thread)
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 8:34:22 AM EDT
Consider it done. I just don't know how I'm going to keep my composure and not call them a bunch of elitist hypocrites.[pissed]
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 8:43:14 AM EDT
Spoke with Amy Stillwell at Brady Campaign: Text follows: Me: Can you confirm or deny that Mrs. Brady performed a straw purchase of a firearm for her son? Her: Are you with the media? Me: No, I'm just an interested citizen. Her: I can tell you that this story is absolutely false. Mrs. Brady did purchase a hunting gun for her son for Christmas since he had specifically asked for one. This purchase was in compliance with all applicable law, and this just goes to show that we're not the gun-banners that you say we are. Me: What about Del- Her: Thanks a million for your time, we appreciate your call. Hm. Guess she didn't want to discuss the obvious hypocrisy inherent in her position. QS
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