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Posted: 8/28/2002 8:56:19 AM EST
OK, my fat 37 year old ass has found time, about 1-1.5 hours a night on weekdays, to get back in shape. I'm looking for bang for the buck advice. Here's what I have: Good running shoes, but I hate to run, and get knee trouble from asphalt/cement, which means a drive to the rubber college track. Jumprope. Nice free weight set: Heavy bench, dip station, a chinup chain, dumbells. Kindo f weak on the leg selection, I have that extension/flexion deal at the end of the bench and a squat rack, but I'm solo, so I hesitate to do any heavy squats. I've been in and out of shape over the years, I know the weight excercises. I'd like to get some definition and size, but can't devote 2 hours a day 6 days a week, so it's going to be heavy basics, bench, military press, curls, probably the whole body 3X week, plus bang for the buck cardio. Please advise.
Link Posted: 8/28/2002 6:54:34 PM EST
For weightlifting, stick to basic exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, etc. Make certain that you run as well. Include windsprints along with jogging. Finally, seriously consider spending a few $$ on a personal trainer. A trainer may come up with some advice that would be excellent for you. Good luck.
Link Posted: 8/28/2002 7:05:37 PM EST
CITADELGRAD87, By a book called “Getting Stronger” by Bill Pearl. There is no better book on the subject. Everyone I have recommended it to that bought it has thanked me again and again. THISISME
Link Posted: 8/28/2002 8:29:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/28/2002 8:30:32 PM EST by mags]
First realize this is a lifestyle change(most likely).I only knew one guy @ 50-55ish who I saw REMARKABLE improvement in in 18 months.He went from 260 to a wiry*185.Who knows what else he did (lipo?/ephidrine?etc)but he lost it AND became vascular!I'd start like said above with total body workout like you say you plan to. Basics. pushups,situps,pullups, CARIDO/legs!....for at least six months then progress to [b]add[/b] bench,squat,'standing militarys',bi's/tri's.....that should last a few years.By that time you'll have your own program.Consistancy is key.[red]NO JUNK FOOD![/red]
Link Posted: 8/29/2002 4:32:37 AM EST
Do the treadmill in addition to the weights...I also hate running. I vowed after the police academy, I'd never run again..I kept my promise. If you don't have access to a treadmill, try mountain biking or hiking. The key is not to stroll, walk fast enough and long enough to keep your heart rate up....
Link Posted: 8/30/2002 8:19:41 AM EST
Sticking to heavy compound movements is a god idea. Here's some more info. A split is how you organize which muscles you work on which days. Even though the classic Mon., Wed., Fri. split is popular, you will have trouble lifting the same muscle groups every other day. In fact, if you're lifting correctly and with proper intensity, you will be the most sore the second day after you lift. I'd recommend one of these two splits: 1. Monday- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Tuesday- Legs, Back Thusday-same as Monday Friday-same as Tuesday 2. Monday- Chest, Back Tuesday- Legs Thursday- Shoulders, Arms #1. works well for people who don't work out quite as intense. #2 works better for people who really go at it each workout. i.e. they are sore for 2-3 days after each workout. -Notice how each split allows a minimum of two full days recovery for each muscle group. Remember, when you train Chest or Back you must be aware that you triceps, biceps, and shoulders are getting worked as well. Notice, how these splits either work the smaller muscles directly after the compound exercises (#1) or not until 3 days later(#2). -Hope this helps
Link Posted: 8/31/2002 1:17:07 PM EST
Work each muscle group once a week intensely. Enough sets of 8-10 reps so that you are sore the next couple of days. If you have a particular muscle group that is not in proportion with the rest of your body work it twice a week. For me it's the shoulders and calfs. Eat something (200-300 calories of carbs)about an hour before weights. Also, do your cardio work after your weightlifting session. You can do it first thing in the morning also, but the main thing is to do it when your blood sugar is low so that you'll use fat for energy. Don't do your cardio before weights because you'll have insufficient energy for the weights. A few minutes of cardio to warm up is ok though. Also, stretch before or while doing your exercises. For instance, when doing butterflies for the chest, let the weight pull your arms back as far as you can stand it and get a good stretch on those pec muscles. When you stretch your muscles, the casing, or sack, around your muscles also gets stretched, enlarging it and making it easier for muscles to grow. This may sound goofy. It did to me at first, but I tried it and I realized a measurable gain on my chest and quads. Before that, I had reached a plateau on those muscle groups. Good luck. P.S. The main thing about a workout regimen is that it is fun to you. If it's not fun you'll eventually abandon it.
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