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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/27/2003 1:34:46 AM EST
01:55 Initial call, "Down" assault victim in nite club parking lot. Victim is semi-conscious and bloody. 02:02 Emt arrives, and back-up for crowd control. Club mgr. hears cops in lot, expells(closing time) drunken crowd from club. Victim sees his date leaving w/ one of his assailants, and makes a miracle recovery. He leaps onto the back of (nearest) female officer w/ shotgun &tactical sling facing crowd. W/left forearm choke hold in place,he trys vigorously to relieve her of her holstered Glock. She resists his effort strongly. If, he fired blindly into crowd, now 10 deep, there would be massacre. She "spears"shotgun back over left shoulder, and put 2" of 870 barrel in his eye socket. Pure luck, but effective. What might an expert have done, one handed, when restrained from rear? Does anybody train for this? How?
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 1:43:34 PM EST
This is why I think that all police officers should have mandatory martial arts/self-defense training. The perp has his left arm around her neck, so she simply has to give him a good (left) elbow strike to the ribs. I've been taking karate for a year now and so I am a complete novice, but defenses against the scenario you describe are numerous. One of the people that teaches me the most often is a retired (last year) police officer and he doesn't understand why police don't get enough hand-to-hand training. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, mace, etc. are all critical, but they have their limitations. I took up martial arts because I realized that the vast majority of the time I would need to defend myself, a handgun would not be the ideal weapon. Is this someone you know?
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 2:52:04 PM EST
I would have yelled "hey berdan, gey this dude off my back please." Then again, I am not an expert.
Link Posted: 12/19/2003 1:51:52 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/19/2003 2:08:34 AM EST by manghu67]
whooo! scary, berdan... lots of ways out of that choke hold... elbow to the ribs is good... whiping one of your arms down and delivering a palm strike to the groin area is excellent... heel stomp on the attackers foot, or a variation, which scrapes your boot heel downward along your opponents shin bone (hurts like hell) and end with the heel stomp to the foot... another technique would be to turn your head to the left, form a spear hand with your right hand, palm facing you, and spear upwards between your head and the opponents left arm... as you do this, pivot to the left using your feet... do this by swinging your right foot around to the left, ending up in a pidgeon toe stance... as you execute the pivot, you have the opportunity to blast your opponent in the left side, right in the ribs, with your left elbow... as an added bonus, your holster side arm is now very difficult for him to reach, as your left side is now facing him... now we need to finish this... there are a couple easy ways to do this... 1) duck your head under his left arm (your right arm will have helped roll his left arm away and as such, he will no longer be choking you), then deliver a shove or punch to the solar plexus, or a kick to the lower mid section or even the lower thigh (right above the kneecap)... this will move the opponent backwards, away from you, and you are free to engage with the shotgun, side arm, mace, pr-24, attack dog, dogpile of your buddies, or what have you... or 2) remember where we were... you had speard upwards with your right hand, palm facing you, and pivoted into a pidgeon toe stance, nailing him with your left elbow to the ribs on the pivot... now, shoot your left leg back, shoot your right palm down as your drop your right arm down, trapping his left arm, at the elbow, between your right and your body... this is the fulcrum, and your right arm is the lever... now continue your pivot to the left, while sweeping your right arm upwards, almost like an uppercut... his left wrist should be in your right armpit... shoot your left hand across your body to grab it, at the same time continuing to force his elbow skyward... do this with enough force, and you can tear ligaments, muscle, dislocate the shoulder, or have your opponent dancing on his tippy toes... something else you could do instead of finishing with the reverse arm lock, would be the arm bar... when you have the opponents left arm between your right and your body, (your right arm would be as if it were hanging down at your side, with his left forming a perpendicular angle to it), bending your right arm at the elbow, snap it up so your fore arm is under his left elbow, and apply pressure upwards... remember, his left wrist is in your armpit providing you with leverage, his elbow is the fulcrum, and your right forearm is the lever... you are hyperextending his elbow... if you are really sadistic, you can now walk him into things like trees, parked cars, or dumpsters... or, you can now raise your left hand and pount it down on his bicep, which will destroy his elbow joint... or, you can shoot your left hand forward and get a handfull of armpit... this one really hurts like a bitch... i hate it... to do it... left thumb goes into his left armpit, the joint where your index finger meets your hand bumps the muscle that runs across the shoulder between the arm and chest muscles... once that joint bumps, dig in, and clamp your hand shut like an eagles claw... squeeze with the tips of your fingers with everything youve got... one of the nastiest pressure points on the planet... like i said, i really really hate that one... c4: mandatory martial arts does no good... one class during training wont cut it... you have to keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it... and its going to hurt (you are going to get hit - in fact, you NEED to get hit), so a lot of folks dont keep at it... a technique is only good in a figth if its is stored in your muscle memory... to get there, just like with firearms skills (or any skill for that matter), it must be done thousands of time... there is no quick and easy... at least not that ive seen... and as far as experts go, that im not... im a rank amateur, compared to the real masters... you should see some of the shit THOSE guys can do... talk about scary!
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