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Posted: 4/2/2002 12:30:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/2/2002 12:33:23 PM EDT by survivalforum]
[b]What a pitiful state of affairs...that people in this country do not want to defend themselves![/b] A bunch of whimps who would rather watch football and their sitcoms and burry their heads in the sand. CSM - SAN FRANCISCO – Months after many members of a frightened nation rushed to gun shops seeking security in triggers and steel, mounting evidence suggests that the gun-buying spree is over. For decades, handgun sales in particular have been a barometer of public fear – rising and falling in lock step with crime rates and riots. So the drop is, on one hand, a sign of how America has acclimated to its new normal. Yet it is also part of a broader, and perhaps more lasting, trend: Before Sept. 11 – and again today – fewer Americans are buying handguns. [url=http://www.survivalforum.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=198&mode=nested&order=1&thold=0]FULL STORY and comments[/url]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 12:35:53 PM EDT
Bunch of B.S. Those that finally did wake up, already had, or got right after it. They dont break down like foodstuffs. c-rock
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Link Posted: 4/2/2002 12:51:31 PM EDT
On 9-11 Republicans went and loaded their gun(s). On the same day many Democrats went out and bought one.
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[Last Edit: 4/2/2002 12:53:45 PM EDT by ThunderStick]
What a silly story. There are already around 250 MILLION guns in the USA. We are near a saturation point. As was stated above, I, like many others already own guns. The only relevant statistic is the number of NEW buyers. The numbers quoted in the surveys are fatuous. They quote 26 percent of americans as stating that they owned guns. First of all, who were the americans polled? The numbers could be heavily skewed depending on whether those polled live in Chicago, where gunowners are considered criminals by the Daley administration, versus whether you live in the country, where gun ownership is high. To get an accurate poll when accounting for demographic differences is difficult. Not only that, but if I were polled on whether or not I owned guns, I would answer NO I DON'T, even though I own several firearms. There is a stigma, kind of like being a smoker, to gun ownership in America, so many people would be loath to admit that they own guns. These polls do not adjust, or correct the data to reflect a reluctance to admit we own weapons.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 12:59:50 PM EDT
Well, we knew it would die down. It was just annoying to have to wait another hour to pick up my transfers behind all the first timers.
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Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:05:31 PM EDT
Gun sales down ? hhm good now maybe that the demand is down the prices will follow and I can add more to my collection. Just a thought
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:05:47 PM EDT
Originally Posted By ThunderStick: What a silly story. There are already around 250 MILLION guns in the USA. We are near a saturation point.
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BLASPHEMY!! Even the most basic cover-all-needs gun collection must have at least four to five guns. * Shotgun * Handgun * Plinker * Big-game hunting * BlueHelmet-popper And since there are only 90million gun-owners in America, that's less than three guns per owner. I wouldn't call that "saturation". More like "just a good start". [;)]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:12:20 PM EDT
Here's a MORE accurate barometer.. Try and order a AR15 from Armailte, Colt or Bushmaster. They will tell you they hope to have some available by July. They sold them ALL after 9-11. Seen a dealer with a Sar-2 lately? Same story.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:12:26 PM EDT
The part of the story that concerns me is: [i]Other variables also affect handgun sales. America's increasing immigrant population has less of a tradition with firearms: It lacks the iconography of John Wayne and the cultural history of dads teaching their sons to shoot a .22 or hunt partridge. In addition, some say, most people who want guns already have one. [/i] and [i]"Young people are now coming of age in a time of high school shootings," says Desmond Riley, a spokesman for Stop the Gun Violence in Washington. "They're not used to guns as something being used for sport, but as something being used to kill friends."[/i] Both of the above statements are true to the degree that political correctness and MISREPORTING of gun statistics are prevelant. It's a joke... There are more people killed by physician mal-practice in this country than illegal use of guns. Unfortunately, this country has been flooded by illegal immigrants and other socially misfit people who wouldn't dare stand up for their individual liberties or defend themselves. As it relates to young people, in publik schools - do you mean to tell me they are being educated that guns are ok? Another issue...of all the people that own guns in this country...how much amo do they have? Whats the average? That is a statistic I would like to know Franklin [url=www.survivalforum.com]SurvivalForum[/url]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:19:28 PM EDT
The more limited range of handguns probably has a lot to do with it, along with the other nusiance regulations the CA legislature has passed. Also, I wonder if people are beginning to get firearms through other channels. Talked to a seller the other day; apparently in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 the DROS system was running at least 1,500 per day. The day I bought I was number 545, about mid-afternoon. The SIG-970 is pretty nice. Took it out to the range and screwed around getting it sighted in; the Tasco sight has a mil-dot reticle and costs $65, but it's about worth it. I think the springs don't immediately dial in the elevation and windage changes until the scope gets knocked around a little bit. The rifle is nice, though obviously not set up for sustained fire; the magazine was a little hard to get in and out after twenty or thirty rounds as the receiver heated up.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:20:43 PM EDT
Yep, you'll fit in JUUUUUST fine here [b]survivalforum[/b] [^]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 1:42:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 2:00:23 PM EDT
Originally Posted By netrig: Gun sales down ? hhm good now maybe that the demand is down the prices will follow and I can add more to my collection. Just a thought
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Well, that's my hope. Most of the places I buy from aren't getting much in though. [>(]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 2:12:19 PM EDT
Thanks The_Macallan. [b]However[/b], I really do want to hear some statistics on [b]AMO[/b]. What good is your gun if you have 50 rounds? Just a thought. Franklin [url=www.survivalforum.com]SurvivalForum[/url]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 2:17:02 PM EDT
What they need to do is check Ammo sales. Have them talk to Ammoman and others. See if that has gone up any since 911.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 2:42:28 PM EDT
Where can I find ammo statistics? Are there any good statistics out there? Franklin [url=www.survivalforum.com]SurvivalForum[/url]
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 3:06:58 PM EDT
Well, I have four new ones since 9/11, but I would have got them anyhow. I guess I'm sort of saturated cause I have more than I shoot. Several haven't been out of the safe in years. But I still want new ones. One of the problems in California is that they are making it more and more difficult to purchase a handgun. While not as bad as you Jersey guys, we still have the 30 day law, and next year the licensing scheme will be so onerous that I will not purchase another handgun here. But it is a good excuse to front load purchases and luckily I still have enough time to get what I want before next year. Wait till next year, hand gun sales will slow to a crawl. And if, God forbid, the ammo tax passes, I'd say about half of the shops will cease to do business, or at least carry anything but hunting rifles and shotguns. Damn, the liberal parts of this state suck. Wish everything from San Fran down to LA and over to the 5 was cut out as a separate state. I'd still have to move, just not all the way to Nevada.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 3:08:48 PM EDT
I also forgot to add: The education system is turning us all into a nation of gun fearing pussies. I know, I work in it.
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 4:17:01 PM EDT
Actually, best estimates put the number of firearms in the United States at about 310 million, with roughly 80 million households containing one or more guns, for an average of about 3.875 guns per household that has any. I personally think the household figure is low, and is more along the lines of about 120 million. Just my hunch. Guns are durable and last a long time without much effort. A 50 year old car in merely serviceable shape is a rare thing, but a 50 year old gun in good to excellent condition is no big deal at all. A gun can last for as long as any piece of metal can be well maintained and protected from the effects of corrosion. For reference, many fine old Japanese swords are in gorgeous, like new condition because they haven't been neglected and have received repolishing services as needed, yet they can be six hundred years old or even older. My .45 (Colt M1911) is 84 years old, and it is in excellent condition and shoots great. It was already 46 when it was surplussed from the Army and sold via the DCM. However, I don't think the market is at saturation yet. Most "active" gun owners can always find an excuse to buy another gun for the growing collection, and many people buy their first gun all the time. I see no evidence of gun sales being slack, either. Every gun store in my area is still doing a good business, but it's not standing room only as it was for a good two months after 9/11. They're not hurting for business and they say they're still running well above average compared to a typical spring. CJ
Link Posted: 4/2/2002 4:25:33 PM EDT
I haven't seen evidence of gun sales slumping. I was at a gun show last weekend. This is a small show that occurs once or twice a year. The location is a gun club with limited parking and space for the vendors. IT WAS PACKED! I mean standing room only and parking in the street. To top that people were buying. I think people are still buying, especially in my state. If our next governor is a democrat God only knows what they will ban next.
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