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Posted: 12/24/2003 10:29:54 PM EDT
Start with a real roux - oil & flour - cajun napalm - don't splatter the shit on you or you *will* scar.  It's a french word, but we'll let that slide for now.  All good southern gentlemen will know how to make roux.  Damned yankees, vagrants, and foreigners will need to learn.  Blond, peanut butter, or chocolate roux - doesn't matter.  Make about two cups of it - thick.  Set this aside.

Rub down three pounds of chicken thighs with your favorite seaonings (garlic and pepper - can't go wrong) and bake for 45 min then leave in the oven for another 15 min.  If you're in a cold climate, bake for an hour, then leave the oven door open.  I used boned, skinless this time, but skin won't hurt.  I don't eat bones, but they  don't hurt either.

Put three lbs of sliced smoked beef/pork sausage (like Ekrich or Hillshire Farms) in a BIG stew pot and get it cooking.  Add garlic to taste.  Add all the juice from your chicken to get good heat transfer to your sliced sausage.  After about fifteen minutes of cooking the sausage, add the following:

One and a half large sweet white or yellow onions.

5-10 hard shots of Louisiana hot sauce from a big bottle.

3 packages of frozen okra and tomatoes.

Chop up your chicken and add it.

Three pounds of pre-cooked frozen shrimp (adjust for fresh shrimp).

One stick of butter.

Dump in the roux.

Mix and cook on low for as long as possible.

Adjust and add whatever you want.

Serve over rice.

Better than shooting pure, uncut Chinese heroin in stereo (both sides) into your temples.  It's f**king awesome.


24 hours of "A Christmas Story" ROCKS!!!

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