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Posted: 2/23/2007 8:42:22 AM EST
I'm getting one soon and would like input on the best one for the money. Pioneer is out because it's too slow. Thanks,
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:25:15 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:33:09 AM EST
Thanks Troy, I like the Garmin, it's fast (processing speed) which is very important because I'll be using this for service calls. Easy to use also. How are updates loaded?
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:45:52 AM EST
I use a Garmin GPS V. It's old but works just fine. I updated my maps with the ones that came when my dad bought his Garmin Quest a couple years ago.

Based upon my expirience with the GPS V and My dads with his Quest I'd recomend Garmin products highly. My dad's Quest is certianly easier and faster to use than the in car unit that came on his latest van.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:49:03 AM EST
I own and use a Magellan Explorist 500 with the additional street mapping software.

If I was buying one TODAY I would be all over the Garmin NUVI 360.

It is da bomb...but pricey.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:50:49 AM EST
I have a Magellan Roadmate 300. While it works OK and I got a deal, I don't think I'd reccomend it.

I have a NIB Microsoft unit that works with a laptop if you're interested. I bought it and never used it.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:53:31 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 9:59:32 AM EST
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Link Posted: 2/23/2007 10:00:34 AM EST
Garmin is the best their is. I have had various GPS units for well over a decade. I had a GPS on a boat in 1994. Way before they were in cars. If you stick with Garmin you really can't go wrong.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 10:03:25 AM EST
my wife is navigationally-challenged and technologically-challenged. Bought her a Garmin Nuvi, she loves it.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 12:16:04 PM EST
my g/f loves her Garmin Street Pilot I3. Less than $300. I used it once and could actually drive slowwly along back roads just looking at the screen.
Link Posted: 2/23/2007 12:22:20 PM EST
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My GF got me a Garmin Nuvi 360 for xmas and I love it....I travel weekly and this gps has been great. I also have used the Bluetooth phone option a lot (hotel rooms, conference rooms, or while driving). Personally, I like the FM Transmitter option of the model above the 360, but don't think it's worth the extra $$$.
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