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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/24/2002 10:01:57 PM EST
This guy makes a lot of sense. Most of which is applicable here. [:D] [url]http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?s=2d9b8ee6ca641ff65100a935c82490b6&threadid=122426[/url]
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 10:29:32 PM EST
Funny but true.
Link Posted: 7/25/2002 5:01:33 AM EST
Correia wrote: MYTH: To end all MYTH threads. :) I figure that I had better list some of these future MYTH topics that we are bound to have here: MYTH: We are all really good shots, and our choice of rifle is far more important than our skill. MYTH: I can carry thousands of rounds of ammunition easily even though I don't own a proper LBE, ruck, or web gear. MYTH: I can live in the forest and shoot down black helicopters easily even though they will have FLIR and 20mm chain guns. MYTH: I can survive off of wild berries, bugs, and swamp grass for months at a time, and will refine my own urine into proper drinking water. MYTH: Talking in endless loops about the end of the world with a bunch of other folks on the internet is much more usefull that getting to know my neighbors, voting, or campaigning for useful laws. MYTH: Even though I am 60 lbs. overweight, lack the load bearing equipment to do so, haven't run since high school track, and have a cholesterol problem from all the potato chips I have eaten, I will have no problem fighting like a Chechan Warlord against the hordes of the UN/NWO/Clintons/Clone Army/Major L. Baseball/Girl Scouts/rioters/rampaging zombies. I will of course do this alone, because I don't routinely practice with any of the other gun people in my area. MYTH: Since I personally can't hit anything beyond 200 yards, I will assume that neither will any of the strangers (who I have never shot with) on the internet can't either, and therefore have no need of a longer range, wind bucking cartridge. Anybody on the internet who claims that they can make routine shots out to 500 yards should be scoffed at, called a liar, and dismissed as "Untactical". MYTH: I have never competed in a high power match, military match, or 3 gun match, neither have I seen combat. In fact I have never shot it under any stress at all. But I will pontificate endlessly about what I can do with my weapon should the need arise. MYTH: I will have the same rifle as some of the top shooters in the country, and therefore assume that magically I will perform the same as those guys when I really need it. Even though they shoot 20,000 rounds a year in competition and serious practice, and I plink at beer cans once a month.
Link Posted: 7/25/2002 5:02:23 AM EST
MYTH: I can't even lift a 10 lbs. rifle, and heavy recoil knocks me on my rear, so I will scoff at anybody who claims to shoot a MBR well, and I will assume they are lying. MYTH: Since the internet is anonymous, I'm really good looking too. MYTH: Since it happened in this particular gun fight, this certain way, in Hollywood, or Blackhawk down, or whatever, then it is gospel truth and should never be questioned, unless of course it goes against your particular choice of weapon, then it is a statistically insignificant point. MYTH: Though I am 6'5" I will assume that a rifle that is comfortable to carry and shoot for myself will of course be just as comfy to somebody who is 4'9" and skinny. Anybody who disagrees with this is a wimp, and unable to weild a "Man's" gun. MYTH: The SH** Hitting The Fan is a wonderful and eloquent slogan, that makes all of us gun enthusiasts look like educated, intelligent, and reasonable members of society. Who, when disaster strikes, will be out killing our neighbors en-mass to protect our supply of oreos and toilet paper, rather than helping them aformentioned neighbors. It is also reasonable to assume that the potential S*** that may hit said fan will be exactly the same in your area of South Central Los Angeles, as it will be in my area of suburban Utah. Of course all of this discussion helps people sitting on the fence of the gun issue come solidly into our camp, so that they too can protect their collection of beanie babies from looters. So in conclusion, FOR THE LOVE OF JOHN MOSES BROWNING, can't we just get back to business. If you are worried, PREPARE! Prepare for what you think are the possibilities in your area! Learn to shoot! Practice! Compete! Go to school! Shoot with people better than you! If your buddy likes his AR, SKS, Mini-14, AK, FAL, G3, Cetme, or 1888 commission rifle, FINE! Let him like it! Just help him practice with it, so you both will be better!
Link Posted: 7/25/2002 5:18:45 AM EST
Just as I've always suspected![:)]
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