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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/7/2002 2:53:22 PM EST
I have been lurking over there off and on all day. What a hoot! On election night and the next day it was tearing of clothes and tearing of hair, threats to commit suicide, to be on the next flight to Australia, England or Canada and incessant wailing by all of them. Today it's lots of finger pointing and claims of a master conspiracy that "stole" this election too...mixed in with name calling and now...the "Blame Game" has begun. I just found this...and it is cute (I think it may have been posted by one of us!): http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID32/1191.html The thread may not last long since the communist moderators don't permit free speech. Their sensitivities are too tender to withstand logical arguments from the Right.
Here's a list of HCI's folks that they really wanted to defeat. Also listed is their status. Source: http://www.dangerousdozen.com • Scott Garrett (NJ) Won • Joe Knollenberg (MI) Won • Dick Monteith (CA) Defeated • Wayne Allard (CO) Won • Norm Coleman (MN) Won • Doug Forrester (NJ) Defeated • Gordon Smith (OR) Won • Jim Talent (MO) Won • Jeb Bush (FL) Won • Robert Ehrlich (MD) Won • Mike Fisher (PA) Defeated • Bill Simon (CA) Defeated "dishonorable mentions" • Joe Baca (CA) Won • Phil Crane (IL) Won • Tom Delay (R-TX-22) Won • Dennis Hastert (R-IL-4)Won • Richard Pombo(FR-CA-11)Won • Cliff Stearns (R-FL-6) Won That's four defeats, and twelve wins. Hmmm...I read somewhere that the NRA listed 24 people they wanted to win, and they won 21 of those races. For those of you who think Gun Control is a "winning issue", I'd like your rationalization for how this happened.
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Actually, I really like those numbers. We done GOOD! The liberals are going to freak when they realize how well we did and how RKBA IS really a big issue...and brings out the voters in droves. Man...that drives them crazy! Lurking there is fun now...[;D]
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