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Posted: 5/5/2001 4:50:13 AM EDT
I have a post ban Colt 6601. I live in GA, but am confused about the full auto law with the exception that we can have them in our state if we go through the proper paperwork/taxes blah,blah blah. Now, if the trigger and bolt group are the registered item, can I install them on this reciever, or do I need another reciever? I am real new to this so please don't flame me to bad, but I would like to know my options.
Link Posted: 5/5/2001 5:14:04 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/5/2001 5:28:43 AM EDT
Critter - The trigger group / bolt group aren't the registered items for the M16 / select fire AR-15. However, possession of them without a registered lightning link(RLL), registered receiver(RR), or registered Drop-in Auto Sear (RDIAS), might be construed by the BATF as "constructive intent" to manufacture an unregistered machine gun. To stay safe, get a RR M16, R-LL or (RDIAS) before placing any M16 part in your AR15. If you go the RLL or RDIAS route, check to see if your lower has a sear-block or is machined in way that prevents the installation of the RLL or RDIAS. The RLL and RDIAS go for $3000 on up, and the RR guns go for $8000 on up. Go check [url]subguns.biggerhammer.net[/url] in the NFA Ad Board for the items on sale.
Link Posted: 5/5/2001 8:16:09 AM EDT
I have a post ban Colt 6601
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A post-ban colt is the single worst choice for going full auto. Colt has taken all sorts of steps, from sear blocks and non-standard fire control pin sizes, to altered internal receiver specs since 1989 to make their rifles harder to convert to full auto. If you get a DIAS or LL, get a nice post-ban bushmaster receiver to host it - bushmaster rifles are built to the same specs as the original pre-89 colts and registered conversion parts drop right in.
Link Posted: 5/5/2001 12:31:31 PM EDT
Thanx for the input. I figured that I would probly end up a little over my financial head on this one, but at least I know what my options are. I will patiently wait until next years gracious tax refund from our guvment, and then buy a full auto pre-ban, this conversion stuff seems to cost about as much.
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