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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/24/2002 6:14:46 PM EST
[b]The following was copied / pasted from the Neal Knox Report[/b] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sept. 23 Late Neal Knox Update -- Several pointed out my goof in today's update. The "assault weapon/over-10-round magazine ban" is scheduled to "sunset" in 2004, ten years after it was *enacted* in 1994. Gary Marbut of Montana Shooting Sports Association (who was kind enough not to mention my slip of the keyboard that it would expire in 1994)passed on the results of his survey which asked Montana Congressional candidates where they stood on that key 108th Congress issue. It was blunt: “1. In 2004, two important pieces of federal legislation, commonly known as the "Brady Law" and the "Feinstein semi-auto and magazine ban" are scheduled to sunset - to expire. There will almost certainly be legislation come before the (U.S. Congress) to repeal or extend the sunset provisions in these laws, rather than allowing them to simply expire. Will you now promise the voters of Montana that when the probable sunset extensions or repealers for the Brady and Feinstein laws are considered in the U.S. Senate you will oppose every substantive and procedural vote to repeal the sunset and/or extend either of these laws? ( ) I do promise to oppose any efforts to extend Brady or Feinstein. ( ) I do not promise to oppose any efforts to extend Brady or Feinstein. Date ______ Signature _______________ 2. Federal laws, state laws, and Senate rules are such that it has become impossible to force a (member of Congress) to stand a recall election IF (he or she) opposes the recall effort. I hereby certify that I hereby fully and completely waive, in advance, my right, privilege, or prerogative to protest or oppose an attempt under Montana law to require me to stand for a recall election if I should fail to keep the promise made in item # 1 above. Further, I agree that this statement and document may be entered into the record of any court or proceeding wherein I should attempt to oppose such a recall effort, and I agree that full faith and credit should be given by the court or proceeding to this statement and document. Date ______ Signature ________________ Gary said NRA "A"-Rated State Senator Mike Taylor who is running against U.S. Senator Max Baucus, signed both pledges. Whereupon MSSA rated Taylor an “A” and gave him their endorsement. That’s extremely interesting, for Baucus not only voted for the 1994 ban, he made a lengthy floor speech immediately before the vote, giving "cover” to other Senators since he had always made a pretense of being pro-gunrights. Mike,a self-made millionaire whom I met on my Montana trip last month, has an impeccable gun rights record in the legislature, and is a Master Class Sporting Clays competitor who hunts around the globe. That’s why Montana gunowners were livid when — after Mike had announced his challenge to Baucus — NRA Political Victory Fund gave him $4,950! Two large angry gun organizations pulled their requirement that members be NRA members. To quell the furor, NRA eventually contributed $4,000 to Taylor — a distinction that the press noted. Rep. Dennis Rehberg, Montana’s At Large Congressman, pledged to oppose continuation of the “Assault Weapon/Magazine” ban, but declined to stand for recall — causing MSSA to rate him a “C.” Rehberg’s opponent, Democrat Steve Kelly, “answered #1 wrong,” Gary said, “and gave us an `up yours’ comment for #2” — and got an “F.”
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