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Posted: 11/3/2004 9:57:19 AM EDT
Thanks GOD for this day of freedom in America.  

. The Far Left gave it their all, and still came up short.  The liberal wing of the Democrats has been shot off. We have more to worry about from a moderate that can appeal to Gun owners, Southerners, and the Religious Right. Kerry was on the right track with his fake hunting, fake religion, and fake "son of the South" Only problem was, he was not convincing enough. We are lucky that Edwards or Dean were not running. With Kerry's voting record, arrogance, and ugly/stupid wife, he was the perfect opponent.

The Libs killed 18.5 MILLION of their own potential voters. Even if only 30% followed in their parents footsteps- they would control everything.

Plus, the mainstream media is slowly loosing their grip on the hearts and minds of America. Watching NBC realize that last night was pure Joy. Listening to Peter Jenning announcing our victory is sweet. It's like Hitler announcing the surrender of Nazi Germany!

The Dems are going to have to retreat from the left somewhat. Going to have to conceed ground on gun rights. Who knows, maybe even affirmative action/ gay rights and immigration.

I will fear them, when they actually start supporting the American Constitution, and American worker.

 Congratulations, all of you.

May God Bless America!

Life is GOOD! , Oh so GOOD!    
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