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Posted: 1/13/2005 4:39:23 PM EDT
I won this on the 23rd of December, and paid the same day. I acutally bought two hats from this guy. The first one got to me in a timely fashion. This one has not.

I've sent this guy many emails and he doesn't respond. I sent him like 5 emails and he never responded to one. So I finally sent him like 20 "ask seller a question" from his other auctions with the same message... Where's my stuff? He finally sends me a response that says, "one email would have been enough." Obviously not, it took him 25 to respond. Anyway, I finally get him to talk to me and he says he'll look into it. Then I don't hear from him for a couple days. So I e-bomb him again, and he gets snippy and says, "I already told you I sent it." Which he never said. Well, it's a week later and I still haven't gotten a hat from him. So I've e-bomed him again with e-mails and "ask seller question" feature. I've gotten nothing back.

I'm getting upset now. So, I've told him I want the hat by Monday or I'm going to Ebay (which I've already done), going to paypal, and to his local police, and filing an internet fraud claim.

Can anybody get info on this guy? Maybe a phone number? Or a police background check? :D

This is his ebay stuff:
His name is "Vegasxtremes"


I know from Paypal his name is Bradley Puetz
And from the box from my first shipment I know his addy is:

1299 Investment Way #9
Henderson, NV 89074

I'm not sure if it's Investment way... his hand writing is horrible.

His record is horrible right now. Seems a lot of negative responses in the recent past.

Anyway, any info you guys can get me will be greatly appreciated. If you're a cop... run a background check for me. :p If you have mob ties, have them go break his legs. :thumbup:

my email: justin_agee@sbcglobal.net
Link Posted: 1/13/2005 4:41:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/13/2005 4:42:08 PM EDT by Tactical_Jew]
57 negs in the last 6 months?

I wouldn't of have bid on his auctions.
Link Posted: 1/13/2005 7:35:40 PM EDT
yeah, I shoulda seen that. Guess I got too exited about the HK hat.

Either way, watchout for this guy.
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