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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/3/2002 6:05:46 PM EST
I know, wrong forum, but there's many more eyes here and people that can help me. I need a gun for the wife. She is petite and has very small hands, and as a result she is unable to rack the slide on any of my autos. She's can't rack the 1911, the Glocks, the HKs, even my little CZ75B. She just hasn't got the grip. So, I was thinking a revolver may be the best deal for her. I'm looking at p-frame S&Ws, models 60, 65, 686, etc., but my question is, is a small or medium-framed, short-barrel .357 mag. too much gun for a small woman? I suppose I could load it with lighter loads or .38 Special+Ps, but I don't think the .38 Special is a real man killer. What do you guys think?
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 6:25:49 PM EST
any of the .357 would be a bit on the heavy side .38 special would be just fine. .38 makes holes and holes bleed. the .38+P has a pretty good kick to it. if she can handle it and be able to follow up quickly with a second shot then +p would be ok.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 6:33:50 PM EST
you and the mrs. might take a look at a ruger sp-101. there are several different calibers, including .357/.38, .32 mag., 9mm with moon clips and a couple different barrel lengths. mcole
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 6:41:37 PM EST
I would recommend the revolver you should get be a 9mm. The recoil in the 9mm revolver is inbetween shooting a 38 or 357. It just depends on the 9mm load you are using. Plus, you have a greater varity of loads to for the 9mm. The Ruger SP101 or if you can find a SW Centinental in 9mm.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 6:51:08 PM EST
Look at a small frame Ruger (SP101's) or S&W. A Ruger GP100 might work okay, but my wife thinks the large frame Smiths are too large. Start with .38 Special, maybe work into some lightly loaded .357's, then into full power cartridges as she develops familiarity and tolerance. However, she might not ever tolerate a full power .357 Magnum, but it won't be the end of the world - it's more important that she not develop a flinch.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 6:54:48 PM EST
Get a used Model 19 (or 66 of you must have stainless), send it to a good S&W smith for an action job, You'll get back a gun with a silky smooth DA trigger that your wife will really enjoy shooting. She can practice her heart out with 38 special SWC loads, then decide what defensive load she's most comfortable with, ranging from 38 Special +P through full house 357 Magnum.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 7:10:22 PM EST
Go to a range that rents revolvers and have her try some out to see what [b]SHE[/b] likes.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 8:42:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/3/2002 8:45:12 PM EST by Colt-653]
If you're interested in an easy to use auto for a small or weak handed person, check out Beretta's model 86 tip barrel .380 auto(http://www.beretta.com/home_2002.asp). With Corbon or Magsafe ammo you'll have an easy to use and effective 8rd gun. Reloads are faster and it's a safer gun if you have children in the home and you leave it loaded with the safety on(Locked since you're in CA). I wouldn't recommend a revolver for several reasons: 1.) Heavy and varied trigger pull(DA/SA) unless it's modified. 2.) Cylinder flash---comes into play if used for self defense at night. 3.) Slow to load if the weapon isn't stored loaded( even with speed loaders) . A lot of people recommend revolvers for females, but you'll find most women shot better and are more confident with autos. Best bet is to go to Reed's, Target Master's, etc... and let her try out various guns. The above indoor ranges have ladies night with discounts on rentals and ammo.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 9:42:10 PM EST
Thanks a lot for the info you guys. I didn't think about 9mm and all that. Hmmm... It looks like I better find a range that rents handguns. Any of you guys know of a place in the CA Bay Area?
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 9:56:41 PM EST
Matt, I forget the names but there is a place in south san fran, indoor range that rents. There is Target Masters in Milpitas that rents. There is the Shooting Gallerey in Vacaville, but I don't know if they rent, and there is an indoor range in San Rafael, also not sure if they rent. Do a google search on places to shoot in the bay area and these should come up. I'd find the details for you but I'm feeling realllllllly lazy right now. [:P]
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 10:14:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 10:26:02 PM EST
... Seriously, look into the S&W 60 LadySmith[img]http://www.lisc.net/sw36ls.gif[/img] ... A few of my lady friends have 'em and love 'em.
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 10:38:17 PM EST
50' indoor range with rentals. right next to highway 101 in Cotati North of Petaluma. Take the 116 exit, after the West Sierra exit. Turn left under the freeway, first right at gas station and first driveway on right. The shop is behind the ARCO. [url]http://www.montanahawk.com/[/url]
Link Posted: 9/3/2002 11:20:26 PM EST
Cool, thanks again. It looks like jacksonarms may be closest to where I live. Steve, thanks. I forgot about the Shooting Gallery. I went there a couple times in the early 90's and they were renting. It's a pretty long drive as I remember so I probably blanked it from my mind. he he Well, gotta get a babysitter and I'm good to go with the wifey. :)
Link Posted: 9/4/2002 4:52:49 PM EST
The Shooting Gallery should be closer than Jackson arms, I'd think. I do anything to avoid crossing the bay bridge. Good luck with finding something for the lady. I've been trying to get mine to shoot but she keeps saying "next time."
Link Posted: 9/4/2002 4:58:44 PM EST
Originally Posted By Winston_Wolf: ... Seriously, look into the S&W 60 LadySmith[url]http://www.lisc.net/sw36ls.gif[/url] ... A few of my lady friends have 'em and love 'em.
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second that. i found that my GF can't shoot my 9mm glock due to the muzzle flip, and she has a hard time with the DA pull on my model 66, so i found a great compromise, she shoots a stainless model 10 loaded with those light wadcutter target loads and loves it, she keeps it at the house loaded with +p hydrashoks..
Link Posted: 9/4/2002 5:08:44 PM EST
I had a similar problem with my wife, she couldn't rack the slide on my 92FS or 1911s. I ended up getting her an old Ruger Security Six in .357 and she's delighted with it. I would not assume that .357 is too much round for a lady, let her try it and see.
Link Posted: 9/4/2002 5:35:07 PM EST
If possible, see if you can find an older Colt Police Positive. They are available in 38spl, 38 Colt New Police (38 S&W) and 32. It's small but it's also much easier to hold and shoot that the S&W 'J' frames. Here's a pic of a Police Positive next to some full sized S&Ws. [img]http://www.fototime.com/CC3925368705B05/standard.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 9/4/2002 6:01:15 PM EST
I love my sp101 BUT!!! 1)Stock trigger can be quite heavy-not easy to get light+100% 2)Only 1 or 2 different grips available 3)So small and light it thumps with any good heavy load. 4)only 5 rounds-doesn't work easy with a speed loader Try this- borrow or rent the biggest(heavy)357-I love myS&W 686-6" for house gun or 5" for car gun or 2 3/4" for carry around(handbag or holster?) Try to find some slim soft rubber grips that fit her hand. If the 686 is to big try the Ladysmith line-grips tend to be smaller. Short guns can bark ,get good ear muffs that fit- even try earplugs+muffs.New shooters will get very distracted by loud reports. Start new shooters off with light 38 target loads.Start with short time periods on days the weather is nice. Unlike most of us Macho fools Many new shooters seem to think that loud painfull scarry guns all day long at a dusty/muddy/cold/hot tree for a bathroom range aren't much fun. Start new shooters slow and safe. The goal is a small gun with a powerfull load-just don't expect them to jump into it the first day. The 686 can be had with fairly small good grips. Any decent gunsmith can get a real nice trigger (about $50-$60 around here).Ammo from 38 target to full house .357 can be picked up about anywhere.Speedloaders will work fine with most grips.7shot (686plus) can be had.Remember-even a light 38 target load will leave the .22-.25-.32 guns in the dust! If a new shooter is recoil shy,try a full size gun for practice and fun,and a similar gun for the serious stuff.
Link Posted: 9/5/2002 4:54:51 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/5/2002 5:30:46 AM EST
If you can do without .357 Mag, I second sig_230's recommendation of a Police Positive. Still freindly to small hands, without trading off capacity or barrel length as you would with a J-frame or SP101. There's still plenty of good standard-pressure .38 defensive loads, and I'd think a limited number of +P's would be fine with a post-WWII gun. I've been looking for a Police Positive for a coworker with small hands, and I've seen a few good ones on gunbroker lately.
Link Posted: 9/5/2002 5:40:57 AM EST
My wife has the same problem, and loves her Ruger SP101 in .357. She practices with .38's and carries with .357's. Great little weapon, DA only, bobbed hammer, round butt grip.
Link Posted: 9/5/2002 6:42:58 PM EST
What barrel length would you guys recommend for the SP101 in .357 mag? It will never be used as a CCW gun, so perhaps the 3 1/16" version (KSP-331X, non-bobbed hammer) would be the way to go?
Link Posted: 9/5/2002 11:04:00 PM EST
Originally Posted By Winston_Wolf: ... Seriously, look into the S&W 60 LadySmith[url]http://www.lisc.net/sw36ls.gif[/url] ... A few of my lady friends have 'em and love 'em.
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The pictured gun is a Model 36, not a 60. I have a 60LS, the only difference between it an the "man" model is the laser etching, an elongated hammer spur, and the much more comfortable wood grips. It is a great revolver. It's super accurate, but with .357 loads it is downright painful to shoot. 110 gr. .357 is snappy but very shootable, but anything heavier will just beat you to shit. I'm not very recoil sensitive, but I find the 60 is too much with anything but 110 .357 Magnum. In .38 Special and +P it is a pussycat to shoot because of the heavier stainless steel frame. Whatever you do, don't get an alloy frame .38 lightweight or airweight. They just suck in recoil. A 9mm S&W revolver would do her well. Not a lot of recoil, respectable caliber, easier and faster loading (moon clips), and very accurate. A full-size 686 with a 4" barrel is good. With rubber grips even hot 180 gr loads are managable. The 158 gr defensive type ammo is just a little snappy, but certainly not a wrist breaker. .38 has no recoil, even +P.
Link Posted: 9/6/2002 12:21:24 AM EST
Originally Posted By mattja: What barrel length would you guys recommend for the SP101 in .357 mag? It will never be used as a CCW gun, so perhaps the 3 1/16" version (KSP-331X, non-bobbed hammer) would be the way to go?
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3" is a lot more pleasent in 357 than the 21/2".Just that extra 1/2" makes a big diffrence in blast.It also makes the revolver shoot more like a 4"
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