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Posted: 4/24/2002 7:49:22 AM EDT
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Human remains found inside a large shark caught off Australia's east coast have been identified as those of a fisherman swept out to sea from rocks three weeks ago, police said on Wednesday. Police opened missing-persons and unsolved-homicide files after four game fishermen made the gruesome discovery of a human skull, pelvis and arm inside a 811-pound tiger shark they caught on Sunday. Dental records showed the remains belonged to 52-year-old Sydney man Lee Kang Suk, who was washed into the sea while fishing from rocks near Port Kembla, 68 miles south of Sydney, on April 2. Australian newspapers reported earlier on Wednesday that shreds of clothing found inside the shark appeared to fit descriptions issued after Lee went missing. Lee had probably drowned and had been in the water for some time before he was taken by the shark, police said. The shark was caught 30 miles out to sea off Lake Macquarie, about 248 miles north of Port Kembla. The case evoked memories of one of Australia's most notorious murders, known as "The Shark Arm Case." In 1936, a human arm was regurgitated by a shark in a Sydney aquarium, horrifying onlookers and sparking a search for the rest of the body. Tattoos on the arm helped police identify the victim as a former boxer killed after falling in with a Sydney criminal gang. ________________________________________________ If sharks believed "you are what you eat" they surely would leave some people alone!
Link Posted: 4/24/2002 8:16:58 AM EDT
a human arm was regurgitated by a shark in a Sydney aquarium, horrifying onlookers
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Get a visual on that. That's fairly sickening.
Link Posted: 4/24/2002 8:27:34 AM EDT
If this is the same instance that I'm thinking of, they killed this guy and stuffed him into a trunk so that they could sink it to the bottom of the ocean. They squished the guy into the trunk, all but the arm, which they couldn't manuver in, so they chopped it off and tossed it in seperately. IIRC, the guys who killed him got off because all they had was an arm and that they couldn't actually prove that the guy was dead since you can live without an arm.
Link Posted: 4/25/2002 3:50:30 AM EDT
Seems like a clear case of "Reverse Sushi" to me. Hey, the fish gotta eat sometimes also . . . . .[whacko] And yes folks. . .the fish around these parts DO bite.
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