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Posted: 9/5/2005 9:28:05 AM EDT
Just a little background. I take my carry gun with me everywhere I go (except to work because it's a secure parking lot at an airport and they won't allow it) Anyway, yesterday was at my 6 yo son's soccer practice. It's not in the nicest neighborhood, however we've never had any problems and there's usually lots of people out playing soccer. Well I had my gun with me, however it was in the car (20 feet away) because I had on shorts and a tank (too hard to conceal). Anyway we're watching the practice and a white Ford pickup truck is driving down the main road about 50 yards away and it comes to a stop. I took notice right away wondering what this guy was doing. Well turns out he was starring at one of the soccer coaches in the parking lot who was talking on his cell phone. I watched the guy in the truck and he just keep staring and never looked away. This went on for 5+ minutes. I was way uncomfortable so I started heading to my car. Right when I stood up the guy in the truck made eye contact with me and took off. Needless to say I retrieved my gun from my car. Practice was just wrapping up so we were packing to leave and I saw the same truck pull up and park behind some trees a couple hundred yards away. I was really uncomfortable with the situation. The area is right next to a state assisted apartment complex. The guy in the truck was loaded down with bling and the truck had more accessories on it than I can mention (20+ inch rims, spinners, curb feelers, etc.). There's no way that guy could afford that truck on gov't assistance without a side job, ya know what I mean. So, I concluded that he was suspecting our coach on the cell phone may have been selling on his territority. Anyway we need to move our practices to another facility.

Oh, the kicker. As we are packing up to leave, one of the parents backs into my car! It was bumper to bumper and luckily no damage. The whole scene just shook some people up.

Not as exciting as drawing down on a soccer dad and his son selling candy door to door, but I thought I'd share.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:30:56 AM EDT
That's kinda freaky. Maybe the coach owes him money? Just kidding.
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