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Posted: 4/24/2001 9:15:35 AM EDT

An Ohio grand jury handed down the first so-called "hate crime" charges stemming from last week’s Cincinnati protests — against a white man accused of shouting racial slurs and hurling a brick through the window of a black man’s car.

A Hamilton County grand jury charged 20-year-old Craig Carr with ethnic intimidation, along with two misdemeanor charges of criminal damaging and aggravated menacing. The charges carry a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

So far, 64 protest-related indictments have been handed down, 61 of them against African-Americans but none for ethnic intimidation or hate crimes. The earlier charges ranged from the misdemeanor resisting arrest to felonies including aggravated rioting and breaking and entering, Hamilton County prosecutor Michael Allen said.

Three days of violent protests followed the April 7 shooting of Timothy Thomas, 19, an unarmed black man. Dozens of people were injured, more than 800 arrests were made and at least 100 homes were set on fire. The mayor imposed Cincinnati's first citywide curfew since the race riots of 1968.

At the height of the violence, witnesses cited by the Cincinnati Enquirer described mobs of black youths dragging a white woman out of her car and "busting her up" until other neighborhood residents rescued her. Another driver assaulted by the mob, Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, was hit with a hail of bricks. The attack against her stopped, however, when someone shouted "She's black!"

When announcing the earlier indictments, Allen showed videotape subpoenaed from local television stations of black youths pulling a white truck driver from his cab and beating him. At the time, Allen said such offenses could bring stiffer punishment under the hate crimes law, but so far none have been handed down.

In the wake of the violence, local authorities have said a grand jury will be investigating Thomas’ shooting, and the FBI is also looking into whether the young man’s civil rights were violated. Several people have also sued city police officers, claiming they were attacked without warning or provocation during the protests.

Carr was reportedly riding in a car April 12 when, angered by a black male driving another car, he emerged shouting racial epithets and then threw a brick through his window. Carr fled the scene, but was arrested by police later and continue to shout epithets while in police custody.

Allen described Carr’s actions during the unrest as "inexcusable," according to the Cincinnati Post, and said the fact that his office is looking into the case does not preclude federal officials from filing charges as well.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:24:09 AM EDT
I wonder if they'll charge the blacks that were victimizing whites with hate crimes?
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:39:59 AM EDT
Didnt another white truck driver get beaten senseless by a bunch of black men?  But that's not a hate crime?
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:41:42 AM EDT
One of these days whitey is going to be pushed too far. I fear a major backlash is in the making.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 10:05:01 AM EDT
There has always been a divide between white and black people, but I think it is getting worse, a lot worse.  Living in and near Detroit for the last 6 years I've seen a shift in peoples attitudes.  Unfortunately most of it is coming from the black leaders in the community.  They blame white people for everything, tell their follows that whites owe them money because their parents were slaves, and the list goes on.

Recently in Detroit several shop lifters have been killed by security guards while trying to catch the shop lifter.  In one case it was 2 black security guards that caught a man who later died because of heart problems.  The black leaders actually blamed this on the white people!  For the most recent cases the black leaders have actually come out and said that there should be a law prevent stores from hiring security guards to stop shoplifters, that the stores should just let the shoplifters go that way they wouldn't get hurt!  Can you imagine the black leaders aren't even acknowledging the crimes and they want a law so the criminals will never be punished!  This type of attitude will result in a major situation if their followers decide to try and take the actions their leaders suggest.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 11:42:39 AM EDT
I wonder if they'll charge the blacks that were victimizing whites with hate crimes?
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Don't you know that blacks don't hate anyone? It would be impossible to charge them when there's nothing but love in all their hearts.

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 12:00:02 PM EDT
The gap is definitely getting wider, and if you think it is bad now wait until today's 3rd graders are adults. They are going to have been raised their entire life in an environment where the little black boy could beat them up or call them cracker and no school administrator or teacher would dare say anything. Not only this but there are not really any high visibility black leaders that are good and moral citizens. They don't even have the opportunity to see that there are good black people, Martin Luther King comes to mind, because the news is filled with racists talking about how they are guilty of oppressing the blacks simply because they are white. We can only hope that the US gets its act together and truly makes an effort to end racism, things like affirmative action included, before it is too late.
I bet a total of about zero hate crime charges will be leveled on the blacks, anybody care to take a bet otherwise?
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 12:06:50 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 12:55:09 PM EDT
I wonder if they'll charge the blacks that were victimizing whites with hate crimes?
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Don't you know that blacks don't hate anyone? It would be impossible to charge them when there's nothing but love in all their hearts.

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Originally Posted by Tony Soprano:
Another driver assaulted by the mob, Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, was hit with a hail of bricks. The attack against her stopped, however, when someone shouted "She's black!"
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Yup....Just as I thought.....No hate crime here...No prosecution or federal charges needed...Nope...No way.....

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 8:03:28 PM EDT
Yo Paulie Walnuts.  


When a Nigger attacks a white person, it is NOT A HATE CRIME !   It is expected behavior from the animals that be.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 8:48:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 8:50:18 PM EDT
Don't you know that blacks don't hate anyone? It would be impossible to charge them when there's nothing but love in all their hearts.
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Let me tell you about just one small incident among many that happened while I was working security in a mall. And no....I am not a mall ninja. I came up on an altercation one day involving 3 black women (approx 19 years old) and 1 white male. I seperated the parties and was trying to do my best to find out what was going on. During all of this I had 3 black females literally screaming in my face that they "hate you white mother f#ckers". I ended up calling a LEO for assistance it was so bad. As it turned out, the white guy was the source of the problem as he had grabbed one of the women.

Another time while removing a small group of black males for disruptive behavior, I was again screamed at repeatedly. His statements included "I hate all white mother f#ckers" and "its time to start shooting you white f#cks".

Now I ask you.......Where is the love in their hearts?  I try my hardest to judge each person on their own merit but you damn near have to be blind to not see all the hate in the black community towards the whites............and........sadly........it appears to be getting worse.
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I was joking.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:08:43 PM EDT
I hate to see these boards become anti racial forums agianst any race.  I think the whole idea of "hate crimes' meriting additional or special punishment is rediculous.  A crime is a crime.  There is supposed to be "equality under the law" for all people.  Why should punishment be more severe because someone hated during commitment of their crime?  Is any crime ever commited out of love?  Give me a break.

I think a lot of the blame for this devisiveness can be placed on the Federal Gov. liberals for 40 years of placing us all in little boxes by giving us "hyphenated" status.  Some are caucasion, some are hispanic, some are african -American, some are American-Indian, some are Pacific-Islanders,  some are orientals, and a whole lot more.   Federal progrmas have been quick to sort us all out.

Then by assigning favoritism to certain of these groups in the guise of making up for their lack of opportunity, people are even more devided.  Until we can all come together and just be "Americans" this will just get worse.  There is too much emphasis on the deversity of everyone, and not on the comonality of everyone.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:24:12 PM EDT
Bulletguy, I totally agree with you. Hate crimes are a ridiculous concept, and should not be prosecuted any differently. I also believe that racism is entirely out of line, in all cases. In reality however hate crimes are prosecuted. I don't have a huge problem with their enforcement except that they are enforced with a racial bias. When is the last time you heard of a black person being convicted of a hate crime against a white person? Although some of the people here may be racist, the point of this topic and most of the others I have seen are not against blacks, or any race (McUzi's excepted), but against racism. The only way that the groups of black rioters pulling people out of their cars and beating because they are white could escape punishment for hate crimes while a white man will go to jail for shouting slurs and throwing bricks through windshields is racism.
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 12:12:29 AM EDT
All this talk about the evils of "racism" and how "skin color" shouldn't matter. Well here's my take: Race is real. Its more than skin color or eye shape, its embedded in our genes and out psyche.  Up until recent evolutionary history Homo sapiens were headed towards what biologists call a "speciation event."  In layman's terms, we were evolving into seperate species.  Populations dispersed, became isolated, and were subject to different evolutionary pressures.  Only recently (evolutionary speaking) has technology, and to some extent social conditioning, broken down these barriers.

People are social animals.  We band together in groups for mutual aid and protection.  This is still happening today, especially under adverse conditions.  It is natural for people to identify and seek alliances with those who share common values.  Race isn't the only thing we have in common with others, but is one of the most persuasive and unchangable.  The most ethnically homogenious countries are the most stable and the most free, for the most part.

The way I see it, either we'll mix together and eventually blurr the lines to such an extent that race won't matter, we'll be forced to live together by an oppressive government, or we'll get so fed up with each other that we'll wage war and split apart, just like Yugoslavia and countless former European colonies.  The way I see it, the last option seems better and better every day.

The view from my tower.  
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