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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/17/2006 4:54:34 AM EST
I was wondering why gun owners only dislike laws that pertain to them. The biggest instance that stands out to me is the ban on convicted felons owning firearms.
Should someone who commited a crime 20-50 years ago and paid for it have less rights or the inability to protect their family than everyone else?

Is it the fact that nobody believes that people can change for the better or that once someone makes a mistake they can NEVER make a good decision again?

I feel that (and know a couple) alot of people who have been convicted of a felony in the past are NOT bad people, they just made a bad judgment call.

Just to be clear I am NOT talking about anyone who was involved in any type of violent crime or weapon related crime

I don't feel that someone convicted of felony speeding should lose their rights for life. Does even a theft conviction warrent losing your rights for LIFE?

I have been the victem of break-in's twice, physically assaulted by 5 gang members once, and the involved in (receiving end) of numerous small crimes over the years. I want the bastards to pay for every one of their crimes but once they pay then I feel they should be clear to try and change their lives and move on to being a productive citizen.

Now there will always be repeat offenders and people who just don't get it and never will, the predators of society. They should be dealt with accordingly. OAK TREE + ROPE

Here's the back story: (why I feel this way)

In 1985 I worked in a pool hall/video arcade in Michigan. During one evening 3 black guys tried picking up my stepsister inside the arcade, they kept hitting on her and bothering her. She let them know she wasn't interested nicely at first then got progressivly more blunt. They persisted and I ejected them from the business, I thought it was over.
Within the hour my stepsister leaves the building and is confronted by the guys outside in the parking lot. They tried again and when she said no they tried dragging her to their car. A friend of mine intervened and tried to help her and the guys hit him in the head with a pair of
nun-chucks(sp?) and he suffered very bad head injuries. They try again to get my stepsister who is trying to help our injured friend
My younger brother pulls up and pull a bat out of his car and knocks out 1 guy immediately and starts swinging at the other 2 holding them at bay with the bat, This is when the Police pull up and arrest my brother (other 2 guys were allowed to leave).
After about 6 months of court proceedings my brother is convicted of Assault with a deadly weapon & carrying a concealed weapon. (when they searched his car his hunting knife was in the rear floorboard buried under some clothing along with some 12 ga. ammo from us hunting 2 days prior) (they confiscated the shotgun).

Had I been outside and known what was going on I would have acted the same way, it would be me now with 2 felony convictions. I saw it as self defense and even though the laws were broken I disagree with the outcome.

HUGE difference between Justice and law.

In the last 20 years he has been in no trouble (nor any before the incident) and he served jail time and 5 years probation AND had to pay for the one guys medical bills. The other 2 guys were never charged with anything.

He hasn't been able to get a decent job because of the felony record, can't own firearms FOREVER, lost his voting rights.

Your thought? I know alot of you guys will say "he commited the crime and should pay the price.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 6:02:26 AM EST
If he is too dangerouse to have a gun he is too dangerouse to be walking free.

Link Posted: 1/17/2006 6:07:24 AM EST

Originally Posted By NonConformist:
If he is too dangerouse to have a gun he is too dangerouse to be walking free.

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