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Posted: 5/10/2004 9:21:22 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2004 9:22:20 AM EST by 95thFoot]

Goes into great detail about the hokey, over- and misused sound effects in movies and TV. I especially like this part:


Guns (handguns, rifles, machineguns etc) have a really deep "BOOOMMM!!" sound not a "CRACK!". Also, the there's old cliche about the number of rounds the average magazine holds, the good guys almost never run out of ammo, and they seem to be able to use a handgun accurately to over a 100 meter range (accuracy of weapons over distance is pretty much a factor of barrel length - handguns are for CLOSE distances).

All sub machine guns sound alike and have the same rate of fire

Machine guns and their rate of fire ... most users of these weapons can manage to sustain over 10 second continuous rate of fire (in actuality, you are supposed to fire the things in short bursts -- after a long burst the barrel will heat up so much the weapon will jam). Also I have never ever seen any protagonist change a MGs *barrel* no matter how long he has used the MG. (the barrels overheat, and also sustain incrediable wear requiring these to be changed -- often in battle, the gunner's mate will carry spare barrels as well as the inexhaustible ammo supply which weighs next-to-nothing). Esp. WW2 era weapons.

Bullets always ricochet, and they must travel pretty slow because the "rico" is 1/2 second later after it moves 50 feet

All bullets make a distinkt riccoche sound (sic) and when flying past you they make a zip noise when in fact they are moving faster than the speed of sound and in real life would produce a whip lash or bang sound

Link Posted: 5/10/2004 9:36:19 AM EST
I love it when they put the sound effect of squealing tires when cars are driving on dirt roads.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 9:44:05 AM EST

Originally Posted By raven:
I love it when they put the sound effect of squealing tires when cars are driving on dirt roads.

A couple of nights ago I was watching a movie with squealing tires on a snowy dirt road.

Talk about great special effects.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:11:16 AM EST
Tires squealing when braking. Slowly.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:21:07 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:46:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2004 11:08:43 AM EST by 95thFoot]
My favorite is the motor-drive on cameras. Every possible type of camera wielded by a paparazzo or news photog in movies sounds like a Nikon F3 w/ a motor drive, flipping 4 frames a second, with its distinctive chirping sound, even if it's shown to be a little auto-focus point and shoot camera, a whisper-quiet Leica, or a big manually operated Hasselblad, with its mirror and curtain making its own characteristic sound. Stoooopid....
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 11:00:45 AM EST
I saw a guy kick over a Harley on TV one time and the sounds effect was

RING ying ying ying ying ying! RING ying ying ying ying ying ying ying!
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