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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/16/2001 6:15:49 AM EST
So everybody is all emotional right now and wanting to bomb somebody. Well that would be just great. Everybody would get their little "get even" fix and then calm down and get back to business as usual. I know most of the guys on this board wouldn't but I'm talking about the liberals and boarderline people. Right now we have the approval of almost everybody to seek retribution on the individuals who caused Tuesday's attack. This is a very good situation for keeping us all together and focused on the job at hand. If we react too quickly and wildly, we will miss the actual target and potentially harm a lot of seemingly innocent people. Even if we take out several who more or less deserve it, a lot of people in this country will feel like they got some payback and then cease to support further anti-terrorist activities. This will then start to tear the country apart. Everyone wants a quick fix but in a situation like this, it usually isn't possible. Everybody is so emotional that they want to hear that we will be swift and accurate with our action. Unfortunately, we can not be. People need to get a grip and prepare to hang in for the long haul. Terrorism will not just go away and we will not be able to just wipe it out over night. We have to prepare to fight it and keep on fighting it. Let us not seek instant retribution if we haven't proven who you punish is guilty. The bin Laden dude is certainly the primary suspect, and God knows that we need to get him even if it were just for his previous crimes,,, but we need to keep track of the fact of future activities of others and work on taking care of them. Punishing innocent Muslims will only prove the point of our evilness as preached by bin Laden and others. It would also cause us to divide and then more easily conquered. Let's stick together, get the guys who actually did it, and then prepare to fight all future terrorist activities. It may be a new way to conduct business but sometimes you just gotta change to survive.
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