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Posted: 1/4/2003 8:30:11 PM EST
(feel free to cross-post this information to any list or site where it would be appropriate) Steve Suttles is a fellow shooter and instructor, and has some serious medical problems (after being wounded multiple times in service to his country). One new problem is listed below. He will appreciate any cards (though he doesn't know anyone is doing this); I think it's the least we can do. Even a short note in a plain envelope would be great. This hasn't stopped Steve from carrying on his teaching, and training honest law abiding citizens in the art of the long rifle. He is still teaching; I hope this doesn't slow him down much. I am glad I've had [so far] a couple weeks of learning from him. He is due for surgery on Monday, January 13th, 2003. If possible, you might let him know you're thinking of him. Please send as soon as possible, to insure he gets it. Cards may be sent to : Bobby Whittington Attn : Steve RR 1 Box 530 Grandfield, Oklahoma 73546-9751 Thanks in advance, John Leveron (this note is at http://new.leveron.com/steve.shtml ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some information via http://www.snipercountry.com/roster/display_reverse.asp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE: Steve Suttles Bobby, I've never met the gentleman but I like him already. Use the Badlands address? If so then I'll let you post it. I assure you ... cards are on the way. RIGHT EVERYBODY!!! -- I've copied this from your website and I don't think anybody will mind me posting it here: STEVE SUTTLES - SUTTLES career in marksmanship began at age 16 in the NRA indoor smallbore youth program. SUTTLES entered the U.S. Marine Corp in 1968, and went on to graduate from their Sniper School before deploying to Vietnam in 1969. To date, SUTTLES still holds the record for the longest shot made by a bolt rifle in that conflict (1250 yards). SUTTLES graduated from the Basic Combat Intelligence Course in Norfolk Va. SUTTLES applied for and was selected for embassy duty, but opted to start a civilian career. In 1983, SUTTLES became active Oklahoma Army National Guard and is currently the NCOIC of a unit in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, and teaches at the National Guard Bureau's Scout Sniper School in Little Rock, Arkansas. SUTTLES established the Oklahoma National Guard Sniper School at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma in 1999. SUTTLES is also an accredited instructor at the Ft. Sill Field Artillery School, in field artillery survey and forward observer. SUTTLES is an avid shooter and international competitor. In his spare time Steve enjoys hunting and fishing. -- Nuff said.... MK4 Texas, United States of America - Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 00:37:47 (ZULU) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mk4, Yes, there are places to park RV's here in town, to include here at the BadLands HQ's. Only problem with the HQ's is that we do not have sewer dumps for the RV's. Any help I can provide for rosterians on lodging,etc, just drop me a line. This is going to be fun. Our bunkhouse can sleep about 12 people, but it fills fast, and gets crowded!! For the price that is charged to bunk there, haven't had a complaint yet though! A note about Steve. Yes, he has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. MRI, CT's and all the other test did not detect that the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes. He goes in for surgery on the 13th of January. Doctors will do pathology at start of surgery on lymph nodes, and if it hasn't spread, they will remove prostrate and he will be good as new in about 6 weeks. If it is found to have spread, they will close him up, and he will start chemo treatments. I would really like to walk into his room after he gets out of surgery with bags full of cards! Steve was kind enough to take me under his wing back in 95 and teach me all that he could about sniping, and being a good NCO. Learned a lot from him, and still learning from him to this day! I met Steve at the State Sniper Rifle Match here in Oklahoma in 1995, and was fortunate to win it. I asked Steve if he would be willing to train my team up for competition at the Wilson Match and he agreed to do so. There aren't many people that I know of, that would devote EVERY stinking weekend, from May to October,that we didn't have drill, to drive 4 hours from his house to mine, and train me in the art of the rifle, and not charge a stinking dime for doing so, just because he wanted to pass along his knowledge to a willing student! We developed a damned good friendship from that, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Folks, received this off Roster from a friend of Steve's. Any of you that have been to BadLands know Steve and how kind, knowledgeable, dedicated and just plain nice guy he is! Let us see if we can do this small thing for him!!! Here is the original message: Wanted to see if you might help me get the word out at Sniper Country that my friend Steve Suttles has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Steve is a former Vietnam-era Marine Scout Sniper. During his time in RVN Steve was credited with 67 confirmed kills. We worked together as Scout/Sniper Instructors at the NGMTU for several years and he is one of the few people in life that I consider one of my heroes. Even though he recently retired from the National Guard, Steve has always been a Marine wearing an Army uniform. He is one helluva Marine, Sniper, NCO and friend. Steve should be a familiar face for anyone who has attended a course at Badlands Tactical or at the National Guard MTU Scout/Sniper school. Please send cards and letters to Bobby at: Bobby Whittington Rt. 1 Box 530 Grandfield, Oklahoma 73546 Have the cards marked Attn: Steve Thanks folks and let's keep Steve in our prayers! GET THOSE CARDS GOING!!! Sarge Southern Area 51, NM - Saturday, January 4, 2003 at 23:13:28 (ZULU) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wes, The last class I attended at Badlands a couple of friends and I stayed in Wichita Falls, TX. There's a handful of hotel/ motels there. It's about 30 miles from Grandfield OK. which is where Badlands is located. There's not much in Grandfield, though Bobby has a pretty big bunk house on the property. With Badlands you cannot ask for a better group of guys to work with. Steve Suttles is one of the instructors at Badlands and one of the nicest and most helpful teachers I've ever encountered. Steve spent some extra time with me at my first class. Right after I almost flunked the 100 yard test. Steve spent the next hour settling me down and helping me out. An hour later he had me shooting a pretty nice 5 shot group a 1K. I'll never forget the smile on his face. It was truly a rememberable moment for me. Anyway Steve is dealing with some health issues. If any of you are praying men Steve could sure use your thoughts and prayers. He is definitely one of the good guys. I hope that was OK to post. I really grew fond of the man, though I knew him only for a short time. It was an honor to study under him. And I look forward to many more classes with him. John Levens Ft. Worth, TX, USA - Friday, January 3, 2003, at 04:58:13 (ZULU) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of messages
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