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Posted: 8/14/2007 6:21:05 PM EDT
Finally got to qualify with my Kimber Warrior to carry it on duty.

First, no one around town had the Safariland holster for it with the TLR-2 mounted so I had to order it and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Luckily, they had a Don Hume double-stacked magazine pouch in store.

Then I had to get frangible ammo for the range. (Its a new range, the agency uses frangible ammo on it to lengthen the years of service to it.) They supply our ammo for annual qualification, but on new gun qual, we have to provide are own.

Got a gun shop that sells 50 rounds for about 25 bucks, but it was miles away on the other side of Houston and it was during rush hour, which meant that wasn't happening. I had to resort to a Carter Country gun shop that had a box of Federal Close Quarter ammo. OMG!! I had to shell out $45.00 dollars for a box of 50. They didn't know it but they had me tied over a barrel, squealing like a pig.

Well, I took my reaming and walked out with my ammo.

I showed up Friday at 8am at the academy. I had to go through the "OMG, look at the pimped out pistol". And the " Bout time you got a real gun and put that plastic toy back in the toy box. (My very trustworthy Glock 22 which is still a seat gun in my patrol vehicle till I stow it on my vest)

The range is an outdoor covered range. Around 8:30 am, when we get on line, the sun has raised just enough to peep over the berm and the targets. The roofline helped at 50 ft, but at 35 ft, the sun was directly in our eyes. Even with that, I shot very well. I threw one off center mass and gave the target a bad case of tennis elbow probably during weak hand (left) shooting. But that single action trigger squeeze and feel of that 1911 grip felt good.

The ranger master walked over, smiled and stated it was about time I got something I could shoot well with. (Glock Hater!!)

Link Posted: 8/16/2007 10:16:32 PM EDT
I carried my Kimber tactical custom II for several years at my old dept. The new dept. Im at will not let us carry them because of the scary cocked and locked gun gonna go off. So I switched to the HK usp .45 for the same mechanics.
But i really miss carrying my 1911
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