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Posted: 6/18/2001 7:45:43 PM EDT
Pretty funny, last weekend they were getting pee'd on and pooped on when they had to be strapped in with about 200 rats on top of them. This week they've got meal worms that they have to be covered in and possibly have to eat 1 or 5 of the worms, and the girl who's a vegetarian is worried about having eat one of the worms. Then to watch the girls puss out at some of the other stunts is just funny to me. For a chance at 50k dollars there is VERY LITTLE that I wouldn't do for that kinda money. Ever play that game "what would you do for money"? Like how much money would it take for you to reach into a toilet and pull out a floating brown toilet fish, how much more money would it take for you to make a sandwich out of it. It's really a fun game to play with buddies and compared to half the things my friends and I would do for money this show pales in comparison. The veg-head couldn't eat even ONE worm for 50k dollars, she cried and went home. Now for the additional commentary, if a girl actually ends up winning in one of these episodes and they aren't some pansy vegetarian type who can't eat a friggin worm then the gal would likely be the type of woman I'd be interested in dating. Someone who is more or less fearless or atleast has a bit of a backbone. The girl who's on there now pretty much turns my stomach. Ever see those moms out there who react totally irrationally to things like the littlest of bugs? And they reinforce that behavior in their childeren? This aunt of mine is totally screwing up this daughter of hers because all of mommy's fears are being transferred onto the child. That would just not fly with me, I want a kid with a backbone damn it or atleast not be a total sissy. It's kinda refreshing to see this show though and see the typical differences between males and females reaffirmed for us. Gender equality, hmmmm right.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 8:14:27 PM EDT
I hate the name of the show itself. If it really was a fear factor they wouldn't wear saftey gear when jumping trucks, etc... Give me a break, if you know you can't die or really even get hurt I would play till the end with no fear at all.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 8:17:33 PM EDT
thats what i was thinking there wearing all this damn saftey gear and have a crapload of paramedics on scene hell i would do any of those so called stunts in a heartbeat with all that crap on. with out ait well thats another story
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