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Posted: 12/15/2001 5:54:59 PM EST
For me it is always Vince Guaraldi's jazz piano masterpiece, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Soundtrack. Really gets me in the mood. I'm learning the Linus 'n Lucy theme on lead guitar, and teaching it to the band for the next party we play. Also, I love a different Charlie Brown than the Peanuts one : the late blues piano great Charles Brown, and his bad CD "Cool Christmas Blues". Cheers! [beer]
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:03:16 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:04:45 PM EST
Mannheim Steamroller
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:05:49 PM EST
I dunno 'bout holiday music. But I'll agree with the Charlie Brown (Peanuts) theme! That song is just SO friggin cool! I hear it's a REAL b!tch to play though? (piano) And if you like the "Linus and Lucy" theme, check out Gary Hoey's version if you haven't already! Good Stuff!
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:21:42 PM EST
Any of the classics (Silent Night, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, etc) as long as they are sung they way they were originally intended. Nothing gets me out of the spirit quicker than a stylized version of a Christmas carol sung by some pop-star-of-the-month.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:32:11 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/15/2001 6:25:51 PM EST by LarryCanary]
I work retail and about this time,people are going mean! I listen to South Parks Mr Hanky's Christmas the whole way home and grin like a cheshire cat. We have also been known to put in Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas cd's and people think it's the original carols playing. If you don't listen to the words, you would never know that they are singing Chipmunks roasting on an open fire.[}:D] edited because I can't spell after working 2 14 hour days GRRRRR!
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:37:50 PM EST
Mannheim Steamroller Also heard that B.B. King came out with a Christmas music CD, but haven't seen it yet
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:42:43 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:46:24 PM EST
Anything by the Ray Coniff Singers.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 6:49:23 PM EST
"Little Drummer Boy" by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. And Alvin and the Chipmunks!! ANd my new favorite is the Christmas song by Blink 182!! {smoke)
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 7:17:25 PM EST
Vaughn Williams "Fantasia on Greensleves" George Winston "December" Pachelbel "Kanon" Narada Compilation (#1) A Winter Solstice (#1) Johnny Mathis
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 7:20:23 PM EST
Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas and Amy Grant's "A Christmas Album."
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 8:31:27 PM EST
"father christmas" by the kinks "santa claus" sung to the tune of iron man "cheech and chong christmas" hilarious "lil drummer boy" by joan jett "little drummer boy" with bing and bowie and adam sandlers hanakah song
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 9:11:37 PM EST
"All I Want for Christmas is You" by Vince Vance and the Valiants
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 9:24:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 2:07:41 PM EST
The Christmas Song- Natalie Cole Have a Holly Jolly Christmas- Burl Ives
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 2:13:55 PM EST
Guy Lombardo & The Royal Canadians was the LP I grew up on. We would put it on the "console" stereo (remember those?) and just put the record on continuous replay all weekend long.
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 2:18:03 PM EST
I'd have to say "Deez Nuts" by Dr. Dre. I find it a refreshing alternative to the traditional "Jingle Bells"
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 2:21:13 PM EST
Is Charlotte Church really only 15 years old?
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 2:26:21 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/16/2001 2:26:48 PM EST by robbyd]
Originally Posted By Imbroglio: Is Charlotte Church really only 15 years old?
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She was at least when she did at least one of those albums. Yeah I know, hard to believe. Don't blame me for wanting to bang her, she dresses and looks like she's my age (19)! This picture of her in a magazine should be the definition of hypocrisy :) [url] http://www.robbyd.org/~nova/images/charlotte.jpg [/url] In case anyone can't read that text (kinda got messed up in the jpeg (lossy) conversion), it's from a british mag, and said that she (who is 15 in that picture) showed up somewhere looking "chest swell". Then on the other page it has this article condemning a satire of the witch hunt surrounding pedophilia by Chris Myers (which aired in Britain). Some of you might have seen an article in the news about all the controversy surrounding that, controversy seems to be what Myers lives off of. Edited to add that last paragraph.
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