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Posted: 10/17/2001 6:35:57 AM EDT
It is that time once again to post your favorite hunting stories !!!! Guess what ??? Next week I am going on vacation with my brother Greg and his son Ryan for our annual Fall hunting extravaganza !! Greg has been working on his old truck to get it ready to face another season of 4 AM truckrides over the rough, rough logging roads of Bulloch County, Georgia. Those rides are something else ! Usually we take Bear, who is a very big black dog, with us.....but Bear goes to sleep immediately in the truck. So, we have Greg driving and Ryan in the middle and Bear smooshed in behind us and me smooshed over in the right, actually crammed right up against the door ledge. There are at least three rifles stacked up in the cab and the CB radio mounted on the roof panel above the dashboard and the gunrack on the back window with three more rifles, plus several small packs with extra hats and ropes and maybe some snacks ( !! ) and maybe some old wrappers from the previous snacks ( maybe from last year !!!!! ). It is a riot ! The truck is pitching and croaking and squeaking over all the deep and hard ruts in the hard dirt road. We drive over some big pine logs that are left in the road. Puddles have a frozen top to them and then the big fat truck tires send up the water that really does gush over the hood of the truck and covers the windshield ! Windshield wipers are turned on for a while. The windshield is streaked with dried muddy water. Now the heater is on. Now our legs are getting nice and toasty. Bear looks up for a glance and then slips back into his sleepy nap. He is as happy as any dog can ever get !!! Hunting with his Master ! Getting some snacks later on ! Sleeping in the truck all day long. He loves hunting. Sleeping on the nice soft red covered seat all day long. Master is out hunting. Bear just waits in the truck, parked in some thick pine fir forest in Bulloch County, Georgia. The wind whistles through the pines and it lulls you to sleep. Last year was very, very cold for Georgia. Greg and I used to go hunting every year way up in the Adirondack Mountain National Forest in upstate New York, where it was arctically cold. One morning there was the most peneratingly, menacingly, threateningly, and blastedly cold that I have ever seen !! Greg took a picture of me that morning. The skin on my face is ashen grey. I can't wait to go again !!!
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 7:08:42 AM EDT
Any Grandpa and the Kid stories from Field&Stream. Wonderful old stories. Benjamin
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 7:22:53 AM EDT
13 hour drive to Ensinal, Texas. About 10 or so miles outside of Laredo. Very close to the Mexican border, so close the border jumpers come through on a regular basis. My unlce owns a small ranch there. Beautiful land, even if it is nothing but cactus and mesquite trees. Senderos that stretch beyond your range of sight. Deer everywhere! Sometimes you just wish the deer would go away so you can stand up and stretch. You see alot of wildlife while on stand; deer, bobcats, coyotes, hogs, roadrunners, wabbitts, pheasants, and more deer. I love that place. I go twice a year and my first of the year is the week of Thanksgiving, I can't wait. We go again at Christmas. My first time to hunt there, I had been up all night on the drive over. We arrived at around 4:30AM after the trek from Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone went to bed, I headed for a stand with my uncle. As the sun started slowly rising, I could alredy make out a few silhouettes on the sendero. We hunted until 10:30 and saw 12 deer that morning, 9 of those were bucks. One NICE buck entered the sendero on top of a hill about 600yds away. I couldn't see him very good with the scope so I switched over to the binocs. Still couldn't make him out, but I could see plenty of rack. He and 3 other decent bucks weaved back and forth on the sendero all morning. We were there in the heat of the rut and I saw more activity than I have ever seen. My cousin actually saw a young spike trying to get it on with a doe. He said he was laughing so hard at the little fella tryin to mount her, that he scared them off. It was a fantastic trip that would take me several pages to fully describe so I'll stop now. Only one more month!!
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 7:40:02 AM EDT
Y'all aint huntin yet? Damn muzzleloader was last week and this is week #1 of gun deer season. Our season this year runs from October 13th to January 1st. Either sex all year long. Bag limit of 6 this year. Damn I love Eastern NC!
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 8:56:45 AM EDT
Originally Posted By GWIGG: Y'all aint huntin yet? Damn muzzleloader was last week and this is week #1 of gun deer season. Our season this year runs from October 13th to January 1st. Either sex all year long. Bag limit of 6 this year. Damn I love Eastern NC!
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Yes, well the rest of us who have to wait 3 weeks for muzzleloader and almost 5 weeks for modern firearm season don't want to hear how lucky you are!!!! I've only had 2 days of goose season,and 1 day of squirrel season so far. I scouted 40 acres on Sunday and spotted 1 doe and 3 turkeys (Poodleshooter rubbing hands together in anticipation of venison jerky and roast turkey)
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 9:18:45 AM EDT
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