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Posted: 8/30/2001 7:15:42 PM EDT
He got past detectives supposidly keeping the house under survailance. Was spotted by his brother as he was about to enter through the back door. Family fled out the front, got into the car and drove to a nearby store leaving the police wondering what the hell was going on! In spite of all the talk about him going to New York or North Carolina he actually never left his neighborhood. He slept out in alleys and under overpasses, it apparently not occuring to the Sacramento Sherrifs office that most non-Americans can do just fine without TV, airconditioning and cold beer as long as the weather is good. The police may have given him his best cover by telling everyone he was leaving and how he had a green Explorer- which wasnt in evidence this morning and has yet to be found. Was found with a large knife in his possession when he was arrested, police wont say that it is THE murder weapon but it was big enough to do the job. Didn't it used to be that the FIRST thing you did on a manhunt was get all the people you could- cadets and Explorer Scouts if you had to- and WALK all the streets in the neighborhood where the suspect was last spotted? Maybe I am spoiled by living in Joe Arpio's county with our Possie's- which means we never have a manpower shortage for doing such tasks... I suppose I have finally crossed the line into cop bashing, (sigh) Well they're Kali cops so they deserve it, I do respect our AZ cops.
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