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Posted: 4/30/2001 3:26:19 PM EST
In case you were not sure you wanted to go.... JUST IN.... by John Birch, President, Concealed Carry, Inc. Armalite Factory Reps are attending the Concealed Carry, Inc. Shootfest and they are bringing some hot iron with them...to wit: 1) The New Cammo .308 2) A couple of .223's AND 3) The .50 Caliber AR-50 and about 200 rounds of Ammo! CHECK OUT: http://www.armalite.com This means for the price of the range alone you will have some mighty fine weapons to shoot - with ammo provided! Also have Armalite Factory people on site to assist or answer questions. If you have not had the opportunity to fire military style weapons before, this is a great chance to shoot some iron you are really gonna love! If you are a first timer...come on out...NO WORRIES...we'll have you rock'n and rollin' Rambo style in just a few minutes. I'm bringing an AR-7 for the kids to shoot. We've checked with the range and they have no problem with the .50 Cal so this is going to be one fun time. Concealed Carry, Inc. is donating 1000 Rounds of .223 and we could use some donations of .308. Also...I'll have 4473's on hand if anyone needs to do any transfers and will also have my camera to take free FOID pics for those needing a FOID or needing to renew. A very special target is being brought in....can't say what it is right now...but one of you will get the pleasure of blowing apart a desk ornament I have looked at every day for past eight years. Finally, don't forget we will raffle off the Winchester 1500XTR 12 gauge donated by Don Nickels. Shaping up to be a great day! RSVP: john@concealcarry.org DATE: May 5th, 9am to noon? DIRECTIONS TO MAY 5TH SHOOTFEST The best way out there is I-80. From the north, take I-55 to I-80, then take I-80 west. From the east, just take I-80. Take I-80 West Route 23, which is about 40 miles west of the I-55/I-80 junction. Go south on Route 23 through Ottawa. A few miles down Route 23 you'll hit an intersection marked Route 6. Take Route 6 west out of town about 5 miles. Do not take the road marked "Buffalo Rock State Park". You'll encounter a large hill..... keep going. Turn left on Buffalo Rock Road, until it ends in a "T"-shaped intersection. Turn Right (west) and go about a half mile. The Range is on the left (south) side of the road. Range admission is 8.00/hour or 15.00 for unlimited time. This is a very liberal range. Rapid fire and faux-full auto is fine with them. According to the Range Master, the only thing that can get you booted is fighting or booze. There's plenty of room for BBQ's, smoking and socializing.
Link Posted: 4/30/2001 4:21:33 PM EST
Steve, How young are the kids you are talking about letting shoot? I think my wife wants that weekend to do some "things"--which generally means spending money, and leave me with the kids. Anyone bringing a S.O. that doesn't shoot--or is willing to make sure my kids don't run out in front of the firing line if I go to shoot? I can try to come. Will be there on the 29th, however--I specifically asked for it off. AFARR
Link Posted: 4/30/2001 4:38:48 PM EST
I have seen 6 yr olds shooting F/A and Semi Ar15s there, so its entirely up to the parent. I will say that if your kids are 'the run in the mall I don't have to listen to anyone', type then maybe it would be a bad idea. If your kids want to shoot no one will stop you.
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