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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/17/2001 11:28:40 PM EST
From a gummint bud... ------- Forwarded message follows ------- From: "Xxxxx, Xxxx" Subject: Subject: FW: "Terrorist Advisory Update" Date sent: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 13:15:25 -0400 This looks familiar and I think the G-men have sent this to me three times already and I probably forwarded it but, just in case, one more time, with apologies if I sent it before. Subject: FW: "Terrorist Advisory Update" Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 08:55:30 -0500 Importance: Normal Precedence: bulk Sender: CMC-owner@mail.nric.cnrf.navy.mil Subject: FW: "Terrorist Advisory Update" FYI ISCM Bowman -----Original Message----- From: Gary Harter [mailto:gharter@leo.gov] Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 9:26 AM To: Undisclosed-Recipient:@mail.leo.gov; Subject: "Terrorist Advisory Update" ANSIR E-Mail - Message from the FBI Counterterrorism Division, Washington, D.C. National Threat Warning System--terrorist threat advisory update; attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon- Upcoming sentencing in Al-Qaeda/East African Embassy trials (United States v. Usama Bin Laden). Four Al-Qaeda terrorists who were convicted in May of this year for their involvement in a conspiracy that resulted in the bombings of two U.S. Embassies in East Africa in 1998 are scheduled to be sentenced in the Southern District of New York tomorrow (Thursday, 10/18/01). Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed are facing mandatory life sentences. The other two individuals, Wadih El-Hage and Mohamed Sadeek Odeh, have exceeded the guidelines for life sentences and also face what, in effect, will be life prison terms. Sentencing for Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali was originally scheduled for 09/12/01; sentencing for the other three individuals was set to take place on 09/19/01. Sentencing for all four was postponed, however, in the aftermath of the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The sentencings have been combined and will take place tomorrow. The sentencing date is a matter of public record. The FBI possesses no new threat information regarding the sentencings. Recipients should be aware, however, that Usama Bin Laden has stated publicly, as late as June 2001, that, along with a list of other demands, he demands the release of Al-Owhali. Two other defendants, Mohamed Sulieman Al-Nalfi and Mamdouh Mahmud Salim {also known as Abu Hajer Al-Iraqi}, are being held in the New York, awaiting trial. Al-Nalfi was arrested in November 2000, too late to be included in the first trial. Salim was severed from the original group of defendants and charged with attempted murder after allegedly assaulting a Corrections Officer in October 2000. Khalfan Kamis Mohamed was implicated in this matter, but was not charged. Recipients are reminded that three additional defendants in this case, Khalid Al-Fawwaz, Ibrahim Eidarous, and Adel Abdel Bary, are in custody in the United Kingdom, awaiting extradition to the United States. [ cont. below ]
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 11:29:57 PM EST
[ continued ] It is expected that their appeals will be exhausted by December 2001, at which time they will be delivered to the Southern District of New York for trial. There remains a large group of fugitives in this case. It is believed that most of these individuals are in Afghanistan with Bin Laden. All of these fugitives have been included in the FBI's new "most wanted terrorists" list. This FBI Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) communication is intended for corporate security professionals and others who have requested to receive unclassified national security advisories. Individuals who wish to become direct recipients of FBI ANSIR communications should provide business card information, i.e. company name, address, phone, fax, etc., to ansir@leo.gov for processing, with a brief description of the product and/or service provided by your organization. Or you may provide this information directly to me if your organizationis located in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia. *********************************************­************************ Special Agent Gary Harter, Email: gharter@leo.gov FBI Washington Field Office/NVRA ANSIR Coordinator 7799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va. 22043 Phone: 703-762-3024, Fax: (703) 762-3447 *********************************************­************************ *********************************************­************************ Special Agent Gary Harter, Email: gharter@leo.gov FBI Washington Field Office/NVRA ANSIR Coordinator 7799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va. 22043 Phone: 703-762-3024, Fax: (703) 762-3447 *********************************************­************************
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