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Posted: 9/9/2004 10:53:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/9/2004 10:53:41 PM EDT by Scollins]
Ken Schram is a Seattle area TV news personality. He usually has some BS commentary on many things. Well, check out his comments here:


A copy of my reply can be found here:

At the bottom of the piece, it says "Want to share your thoughts with Ken Schram? You can e-mail him at kenschram@komo4news.com "

Well boys, let him know what you think!
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 11:02:51 PM EDT
Shot.... over.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 11:26:18 PM EDT
Im working on it now...
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 12:21:25 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2004 12:24:25 AM EDT by WizardOfAhs]
THIS is what I unloaded on him....


You submitted a commentary on the AWB at Komo 4 news and I have the following to say to you in regard to that.

You said:

Face it, if the NRA had its way, people would be able to own machine guns.

My Reply:

I don't recall ever recieving ANY recommendation from the NRA that the organization wants ME to own a machinegun in the more than 20 years that I have been a member.

You said:

And the more fanatical NRA members would be yammering about how the 2nd Amendment allows it.

My reply: Fanatical NRA members yammering that the 2nd allows it? Allows it? Now THAT is funny, the 2nd guarantees it! In fact, the rights of the citizenry to keep and bear arms is the very thing that has permitted you the freedom of the press you currently enjoy. However, since you want to address NRA members as "FANATICAL", I'll address that below..

You said:

At the moment however, all the NRA can do is kill an assault weapons ban that a vast majority of Americans think is necessary and worthwhile.

My Reply:

You are in error, I doubt you'll see this, as you sound pretty fanatical. Who's the vast majority of Americans? You? Where are YOUR sources? Identify ALL of your sources and validate your claim as you don't speak for me.

You said:

In fact, most congressional Republicans and Democrats also believe the weapons ban should be extended, but they're political weasels.

MY reply:
Actually, MOST republicans DON'T believe the AWB should be extended, once again, you've got your facts wrong. So, I tell you to identify your sources and validate your argument with FACT. Show me proof. Democrats are at present VERY divided on the issue. However, those who remain PRO AWB are very shoulder to shoulder. Perhaps you were speaking about the Senate instead of congress? You call them political weasels, but did you consider that YOU come off as a liberal gun grabbing socialist weasel by your comments? You claim to be objective, but you've proven yourself to be everything but.

You said:

They've allowed the NRA to intimidate them into ignoring what the nation needs, in favor of what the NRA wants.

My Reply:
Ahh, you seem to have a HUGE issue with the NRA lobbying it's interest. However, you say nothing against the lobbying efforts of other organizations. So, you take issue with Americans banding together in support of a common cause? Once again, I assert that is Americans that banded together over a common cause two centuries ago that now afford you the many freedoms you currently enjoy. The NRA doesn't serve to intimidate, however, the NRA as a body of members does make it CLEAR that if you trample it's interests, collectively, you lose the support of it's membership body. That's called unity, hardly intimidation. Your play on words inserting drama and shock value to grasp the reader doesn't just garner you support, it garners your opposition. I'm betting your e-mail box will be full of letters just like mine that you're wishing you had not recieved.

You said:

Contrary to popular belief, I support the 2nd Amendment.

My Reply:

Well, then, support it fully! Why are you taking shots at the NRA who's defending your 2nd amendment rights?

You said:
What I don't support is the NRA's iron-fisted labeling of every reasonable effort to curb gun violence as a diabolical plot to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

My reply:
Then you've blinded yourself to the reality of the matter, of which is truly unfortunate. When you legislate gun control, only decent, law abiding, gentle, everyday citizens are going to obey these laws at BEST, some will defy them in secret because they just don't believe in these laws. However, those of ill intent, those who WANT to murder, those who have NO care of the value of human life will NEVER obey these laws, ever. Make all the laws you want, these evil persons without concience, without decency, will continue to arm themselves with whatever they wish and kill until caught or killed themselves. The proof is before you. Columbine happened AFTER the AWB, hundreds of firearm related deaths, flat out murders have happened just this year alone, while the AWB has been in effect, even in concert with other gun control laws in effect. The thugs don't even bat an eye at gun control laws. Why would they? they don't bother with the rest of the law.

You said:

By any and all measures, the ban on semi-automatic assault rifles -- along with magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition -- has had a positive impact in the 10 years since it was passed.

MY reply:
Wrong again, by any and all measures, the ban on semi-auto so called "assault rifles" had NO effect what-so-ever.. In fact, read the above paragraph again. Comumbine happened POST AWB, hundreds of cops and other Americans have been shot, stabbed and beaten to death by any and every means available to the criminal without the criminals one thought as to the law. The AWB didn't work. Here's an example...

Johnny Lowlife decided to gun down a few guys on the next street, he grabs his illegal AK47, he strolls up to his victims and takes aim, a lawyer pops up out of the bushes and yells out to him "Hey Johnny, you can't kill those guys with that AK47! It's BANNED under the federal assault weapons ban, here, use MY glock modle 22 in ,40 caliber with a 10 round magazine instead, that gun isn't banned, there are only 4 guys and you've got 10 shots, FIRE AWAY"!

Lets look at that, 1. We presume Johnny will LISTEN to the LAWYER advising him to NOT use the AK47. 2. We presume that while it's NOT ok to have the AK47, it's OK to use the LEGAL glock pistol to kill those guys. We forget that MURDER is ALREADY a CAPITAL FELONY, this is the HIGHEST crime against humanity and.. Johnny doesn't give a damn one bit about that, so, of course, you STILL believe that Johnny wants to OBEY the AWB, right?

Do YOU see the paradox here?

The REAL result: Johnny doesn't care, Johnny is going to KILL 4 people, and, with his ILLEGAL AK47, and THAT one is FULL auto, not the rifle that is addressed in the AWB. Johnny is a killer, his obedience to ANY law is nill and Johnny's not the only one. There are thousands of Johnny Lowlife's out there right now. Johnny lowlife will mow down his 4 victims with hsi full auto AK47 that will STILL be ILLEGAL after the AWB sunsets, and, Johnny STILL doesn't care about the law.

You said:
But the NRA doesn't care.

No, Sir, once again, your wrong, It's Johnny Lowlife with his, gun, knife, claw hammer, baseball bat, chevy pick up truck, ice pick, who's bent on MURDER than doesn't care. And HE will get ANY weapon he wants, whenever he wants, because Johnny doesn't obey the law.

You said:

The NRA's fantasy is that extending this particular ban would lead to bans on other guns -- "The Boogeyman will getcha" argument.

My Reply:
Fantasy? No sir, Reality, and it's happening ALL over America as you sleep. States like Mass, CA. NJ, DC and others are currently deploying confiscations of firearms on what is legal one moment and illegal the next through their OWN legislation efforts and most often as a result of ghost voting.

You said:
The NRA has gone from influencing government, to controlling it.

My Reply:
Now, wouldn't THAT be a pretty thing! Imagine, the NRA controlling the government, NO NRA member would ever have to pay taxes again! We'd be driving Chevy TANKS complete with car catchers to mow through rush hour traffic, after all, if we controlled the government, we'd be ABOVE the law. Does my reply sound silly? If so, allow me to point out to you that your statement is even sillier and far from the truth, it's an outright lie and it's journalistic sensationalism designed to shock and scare people to YOUR way of thinking.

You said:
Some say they can live with that.

My Reply:
I have NO problem living with that because it doesn't exist. What I can't live with is the REAL boogyman, and it's people like YOU who can't wait to disarm me, control me, tell me what to think, what to wear, what to believe, what to worship if I am allowed to worship at all, how much tax I will pay, what I can or can't say. It's people like you who will watch me, listen in on my most private conversations, who will monitor my spending and what I spend my money on, who will scrutinize my every movement, and all in the name of SAFETY and SECURITY of which you offern none, and should I question any of that, it's people like you who will be dressed in black, with masks on your faces with some government agency abbreviation stenciled on your back who will kick in my door in the darkness of night, under the protection of my being reft of my rights to simply BE, that will arrest me, jail me and maybe even kill me. You sir, ARE THE BOOGYMAN...

You said:

But how many others will die because of it?

My reply:

If you get your way, THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS...

You're little more than a Howard Stern wannabe shock jock who profits by scaring the hell out of everyday people to sell what you splutter as "news". In lacking objectivity, you spew poison to the minds of the gullible and profit by it, and, all the while, sounding alot like John Kerry's wolf in Sheep's clothing remarks of "I'm for the 2nd amendment" while you do the exact opposit. You keep great company with the likes of George Soros, Michael Moore, John Kerry, John Edwards, Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Sarah Brady and so many others who profit by sensationalism. Sarah Brady sure capitalized on Jim Brady getting shot, now, does anyone even NOTICE that? Certainly not YOU.

You have lost all credibility with me, and, your network has lost it's credibility for having allowed you to behave in this way for in my opinion, they are complicit in it. Know that there will be many others who will do the very same thing I will do when I see your face or hear your voice on TV, I'll just change the channel.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 12:26:44 AM EDT
Fire mission complete...
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