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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/13/2003 12:55:25 PM EDT

<snip> The result is that the FBI, unhindered by the restrictions of the past, will conduct many more searches and wiretaps that are subject to oversight by a secret intelligence court rather than regular criminal courts, officials said.

<snip>As a result, these critics say, FBI agents and federal prosecutors will conduct many more searches and seizures in secret, as allowed under intelligence laws, rather than being constrained by the rules of traditional criminal warrants.

<snip>"The principal danger is what the old rules were designed to avoid: to make sure that the FBI wasn't using intelligence authorities when they were really just looking to bust bad guys,"

This radical change in the FBI's investigative process is derived from the Patriot Act, whose seemingly anti Constitutional tactics are overwhelmingly favored by our federal agencies, of course all under the guise of National security. It is apparently gaining momentum in other areas of investigation and enforcement on the federal level. Furthermore, the ease of which the new FBI directive gained approval is alarming enough to raise concerns about weather or not local law enforcement agencies are just waiting to take their own bite out of the Bill of Rights. Parts of the new FBI directive are surely necessary in a post 9-11 America. However, the potential for regular citizens to become 'targets' without any oversight from traditional legal avenues, is a tremendous danger to us all.
Link Posted: 12/13/2003 2:53:43 PM EDT
It is? How so? If you're not involved with terrorist activities or its support structures like CAIR, Saudi Arabia and Islamic charities, why would intelligence agencies have any information on you? I'm all for allowing the CIA and FBI to work together and share their data on the aforementioned groups and individuals associated with them. Fucking scumbags plotting our murder and exploiting the limitations of our security agencies. Crying about civil rights and unfair stereotyping of Muslims when their goal is to impose a totalitarian, intolerant religious order on our country. I hate it when Saudis come here and lecture us about how we have to understand and be tolerant of Islam, while they'll throw you in jail if they catch you with a Bible in their own shitty country. I'm sick of them saying how it's just a few Muslims who dont understand true Islam who are doing all the terrorism, while they fund and support the very nutcases they say are the bad eggs. So if the Muslims and Arabs feel miffed about all this scruntiny when they enter our country, they wholeheartedly EARNED that mistrust and suspicion. They can go to hell. All of them.
Link Posted: 12/13/2003 4:57:48 PM EDT
Raven I agree with you on most of what you posted and I'm certainly not concerned with showing any tolerance or sympathy towards Arabs or Muslims, screw them, they need to be watched right now. That's not where I have a problem with the new directive, sharing info amongst divisions is a great idea and should be done. How they obtain the info is a potential problem because it can be used to investigate anyone without scrutiny. Imagine getting randomly stopped and searched by the police or feds who find an evil looking firearm and some ammo in your possession, even if it's all kosher they could have a team tearing up your home in minutes because no longer have to follow traditional legal methods. There is no answering to the Justice Dept, Judges etc. When they find your "Arsenal" at home they can turn your world upside down and since they didn't have to go through the usual legal channels to do this, it could be a real ugly situation to walk away from especially if they start throwing around the 'T' word, or 'Domestic Terrorist'. Perhaps I'm just a little paranoid when my rights are given up so easily by our own government. Perhaps it's because of where I live and certainly after having my rights trampled in the past by my local LE agency hasn't helped in that regard. Knowing the way my local police precinct is being run, and by whom, I have serious reservations about the day when they might have the authority to act in the same manner as the FBI does under their new directive. It won't be too long before a LE agency takes this to court in order to get the same privileges of circumventing the 4th amendment that the FBI now enjoys. Citing the same 2002 ruling that the FBI used to base their new directives on, it's certainly not too far fetched to think it could happen especially considering how nearly every PD has a anti-terrorist task force of some kind. My small town PD already owns a tactical armored vehicle and all the hardware that goes along with it. Your town may be a lot different, and your CLEO may not be gung ho about doing this to his citizens but mine definitely is.
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