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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/2/2002 3:47:55 PM EST
My parents and i were wondering if the FBI actually visits anyone from this site. i think i herd somthing about it. can you share your stories with me. we are still waiting for the knock on our door. LOL
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 4:23:57 PM EST
I don't know about this site, but several of the assaultweb guys have been visited, and other members arrested for various "violations". Bill3508
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 4:47:02 PM EST
Yes, I got a visit from the FBI in the fall of 1999. In the summer of the same year I was listening to Art Bell Show when every body was hyped on the Y2K scam. Art Bell was heving different guests talking about the Y2K as well opened shows with callers stating their opinion. In one of this opened shows, about 5 to 6 callers from different parts of the country made statements of the nature "I will piss in the water supply of my town to poison the water if the computers go down" or " I will cut the phone poles to punish the ??? if Y2K happens..." etc. One night I went to Circle K to get a coffee and the night counter woman was relly hyped about the Y2K and asked my about what is going to happen (I work for a cell co. and the truck has the lodo on it). I told her that I don't care whatever happens but -I HEARD OF A BUNCH OF PEOPLE MAKING THREATS-and in my oppinion is just a hype. She was relly frightened and wanted to know more. I said to her-JUST LISTEN TO THE RADIO...910AM...-and I left. A few months later (fall) I called in sick on my way to work and turned around home. I was in bed high on Ny-Quil when the bell rang. When I have opened the door there were 2 guys, one in a suit and the other one in jeans and shirt. I soon as I have opened the door I have noticed the guns on the hips and I have asked them if is illegal to be sick...Both showed the FBI badges and asked if we can talk. I said YES and have asked them if is about the Bank I have robbed in the morning...They smiled and said NO! you were home the whole day. So we got inside the home and they started to ask questions regarding the Y2K, my impression about this, if I know any body that holds a gruge, etc. Towards the end they asked if I remember making any comments to "somebody" about some people planing something. I said NO (forgot the Circle K nut). I saw them loosing patience and they started to ask more direct questions like if I go to the Circle K, if I remember a specific time I have mentioned...Again I said NO and at this time they confrunted my witht e Circle K incident. I started to laugh and told them that the "time" of 910AM is the radio station and the people I heard about were on the Art Bell show. At this time one of them slpped his forehead and the other one started to laugh. The whole interview lasted about 5 min. and then we talked for about 30 min. about the furniture I have made in the house. I turned out that the Circle K stupid bitch took my plate number and called the local PD and the FBI that something will happen at 9:10AM. I was under pasive survaillance for 3 months before they got tired of trailing me and decided to ask some questions. This proves that any idiot can call the LEO and based on his/her ignorance do you a world of good.
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 4:52:02 PM EST
That is an amazing story. Good thing that lady was watching out! I am so glad my tax dollars funded your surveillance. I bet those two agents were bored out of their minds!!! (unless watching over you at the range, of course.)
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:18:37 PM EST
dang thats pretty cool. anyway.. keep it comin guys...i'd like to hear more.
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:18:59 PM EST
It sounds like you encountered a couple of reasonable agents. I'd probably get the guys that went to Weaver's place...[8D][8D]
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:21:44 PM EST
Not the FBI at home, but the CIA has been to our office twice in 12 years. About time for them to come around again, now that I think about it.
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:24:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By Kaoma: I turned out that the Circle K stupid bitch took my plate number and called the local PD and the FBI that something will happen at 9:10AM. I was under pasive survaillance for 3 months before they got tired of trailing me and decided to ask some questions.
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Wait a minute. You're saying the FBI put you under surveillance [b]for three months[/b] based on [b]one[/b] source?...and that source of info being based off of a two minute conversation at a convenience store? C'mon. Either someone is yanking your chain or this is BS.
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:28:49 PM EST
The FBI guys were VERY nice and polite. After they realized that I just made a comment based on a radio show they became friendlier. We talked about my GOLDEN EAGLE bow (on display) and one of them said he liked to hunt with bows. I tols him he is nuts. I asked them if they like the X-Files and both said NO. In real life is no action like in the X-Files shows.
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 5:41:25 PM EST
I was at an FBI BBQ once! Of course it was a friend and it was the 4th of July! The fact that he worked for the FBI was merely a coincidence... or was it?[:O]
Link Posted: 12/2/2002 6:40:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/2/2002 6:43:20 PM EST by Sparsky]
I've been visited by them once. It was about a month after 9-11. They were asking me about my new neighbors, and if I have seen or heard anything suspicious. Told them that I haven't seen anything out of the norm. He said ok, and if I saw or heard anything to give him or the FBI office a call. Then he got in his car and drove off. Neighbor still lives there and still haven't seen anything. Edited to add: He was very nice and polite, in a strait to the point, no bull shiting type of way.
Link Posted: 12/3/2002 2:48:45 PM EST
That Circle jerk story reminds of something that happened to me. I stopped for gas at an AM/PM one evening and went inside to pay first. I was the first in line with one guy behind me. I put my money on the counter and the bitch behind the counter looks at me all weird and says " Do you have a shotgun ?". I was thinking about something else at the time and it didn't really register what she had said. I turned around half expecting to see someone with a gun, and the guy behind me just looked right back at me with big ol' bug eyes and didn't say anything. I turned back around and looked at the bitch, who by the way, was totally calm, like she would have asked what model, if I had really had one. I just stared at her like it was a dream and she said it again " Do you have a shotgun ?". I managed to spit out a " Whaattt are you talking about ?" and just to be safe checked the guy behind me again to make sure he hadn't pulled one out when I wasn't looking. He looked like he had just pissed his pants, so I determined he posed no threat to me and turned around to face the bitch again. She had been watching our reaction intently the whole time, so I calmly said " Noooo I don't have a shotgun ". She says " I scared ya, didn't I ? " . I just turned around again and gave the guy behind me a look that said ( Have fun with this bitch ) and promptly walked out the store.......[whacko][whacko][whacko] 007 ________________________________________________ I don't have a liscense to kill, but I got a learners permit.
Link Posted: 12/3/2002 3:42:20 PM EST
They have never been to my house but the U.S. Marshal Service has. (I have a friend that is a Deputy U.S. Marshal) Also had the FBI show up at our office. I thought my boss was going to have a stroke. ( One of our employees applied for a job with the FBI)
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 3:52:24 PM EST
I had a U.S. Marshal come to my house at 5:00am dressed in camouflage with a rifle. Then we left to go deer hunting.[:D]
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 4:18:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/4/2002 4:26:00 PM EST by Boomholzer]
My first story is super boring. I had one stop by about 3 years ago when I was living in a appt. I first thought it was about ammo/flammables in my appt because the management was known to do unannounced searches for 'fire safety'. FTW had given the local fire inspector more authority in the local than he should have. I invited him in and offered a cup of coffee. Anyway he questioned about a young lady neighbor. I knew of her for she was quite attractive and i took every opportunity to chat with her during parking lot and laundry confrontations. After a few general background check questions I inquired on his side arm and we shot the bull about the 9mm/.40/.45 FED sidearms. He was real nice but obviously not a firearms enthusiast. I asked about his routine for I was always real curious about the position. He responded and made it sound real boring. The second time was about 2 years ago when i spend a short time living in a townhouse with a roomate. The poor sap got hauled in when a bartender claimed he had passed a fake $20 and called the cops. A FED and a local officer stopped by for questioning shortly after he was released on a small bond. I had a airpistol in the dining room for plucking possum on the back porch (redneck). The officer made a big show about when it eyed it. He yells "gun!" in a stiffened stance while readying his right hand. No one was within 10feet of it. I knew it was there previous and ignored the fact so I immediatly let out a chuckle at his observation. The FED never flinched and said "thats a BB gun" and continued to inquire on my roomate's computer system and printer. The officer, as if to validate himiself asked if there was weapons in the house. I told him I had some locked away upstairs. The FED then gave a look of annoyance at the tangental questioning and the subject was dropped. That was about it. No friendly talk with these two. He was the victim of just passing a bill that somehow passed through him if it indeed actually happened. He was oblivious. I knew he did'nt make it. Poor guy.
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 5:13:03 PM EST
If you're put under passive surveillance for 3 months by the FBI, do they at least give you an official FBI ammo discount card for use at the local gunstore? [:D] My two encounters with feds: One, a neighbor was being evaluated for a job that required a security clearance. The agent asked the usual questions about him, that's all. The second instance was a bit more interesting. I have been known to check in dumpsters and likely looking trash cans for cool stuff. I've found quite a lot, including a Stevens Model 67 12 gauge pump shotgun. (It was clean. I asked the homeowner about it and he gave it to me.) I jumped this dumpster once and pulled out a set of building plans for ...well...a building closely associated with the Space Shuttle program, let me put it that way. They weren't too detailed, being very general plans rather than detailed ones, but they were authentic and stamped RESTRICTED. I made an inquiry with somebody, and a few days later I was visited by an investigator from Kennedy Space Center's security division. I told him exactly where I got the plans, including the name of the business that used that particular dumpster, and that, along with other information, was pretty conclusive in revealing that a particular contractor who did some work on the building had exercised VERY poor document retention skills. (The documents in question were serialized, too.) That contractor lost ALL chance of bidding on any further government contracts over that blunder, and I received a very sincere 'thank you' for turning the documents in. That's it for me. I'm pretty boring, I guess. CJ
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 10:55:35 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 4:44:07 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/5/2002 5:14:20 AM EST by LWilde]
Visited by the Feebs? Well yes. My next door neighbor is an FBI S/A. During the last days of the Sniper case here, the BATF boyz showed up at our front door about 2000 one night. I had a full house of guests and family from the Left Coast and we were just getting the Little Ones ready for bed when these two dudes came anockin'. I explained our situation and told them politely and with a smile that unless they had a warrant, they weren't welcome inside...but that I'd be glad to discuss anything they wished out on the porch...which we did. They kind of pissed me off anyway because they scared the hell out of the kids when they flashed their badges. Seems they wanted to talk to my son who lives with us about a Glock they had traced to him. A couple of days before, they had found this gun being legally carried by a Virginia citizen who had been stopped by the lawmen on the interstate during one of the highway lockdowns. The cops found out that the gun once belonged to my son and that he had also been stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington some years ago. Since the perp was also stationed there...their computers spit my son's name out and they paid us a visit. After we talked for a while...they left. No big deal really.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 10:45:28 PM EST
I guess my story is that the FBI didn't come to my house. Shortly after 9/11 I got kicked off of snipershide and my IP address posted publicly amidst all kinds of speculation that my front door would be kicked in. It made me appreciate that much more the class act the Avila's run here.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 11:03:24 PM EST
When I lived in Washington, I got sick of the ELF dick heads and other's of that ilk. While looking at their web site I noticed you could send donations to support them, but the check was to be made out to "resistance". Well, I sent them a $5 check and when it came back through the bank, I looked at the bank and account info stamped on the back. I called the FBI and asked if they would be interested in having the bank account info of this group, and that it also looked like they were using another account under a different name. The SA I spoke with asked how I may have come upon information about the bank account info. I explained, and she just said "oh", like maybe they had not thought of that. Anyway, a couple days later a SA and Portland detective came to see me and we had a chat about why I was doing this, and they got the info from me. Aviator
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 11:11:52 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 11:16:19 PM EST
several years ago, i was rooming with my younger sister. against my wishes, she allowed her (then) boyfriend to stay at our place for several months. he was involved in software brokering, and turned out to be a suspect in a counterfeit licensing case. one morning, she knocked on my door and announced that the FBI was present, and that they would like my 1911 to be checked, and in plain sight. i locked the action open, allowed them to look, but not touch, and for the next four hours i sat on the couch babysitting my government model and her ppk/s. all went well, and the agents never attempted to reach for our weapons. now, i don't think of myself as a pansy, but sometimes i wonder what would have happened if they did. would i have had the courage to defend what was ours? i'd like to think so, but i guess i'll never know.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 11:31:57 PM EST
I'd tell you my story but its classified. [:)]
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 12:06:16 AM EST
Had the DEA once, they returned a G22 that was stolen for one of my sons about 6mo. earlier, that found in a drug bust.
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 12:26:45 AM EST
I haven't had any at my home..I think I would poo myself if I did..Not because I'm doing anything wrong, but because of all the horror stories you hear about how intimidating they are. Conspiracy! Intent! And now with the new powers they have, who knows? During the DC shooter incident, I read many articles here about people being questioned and verbally abused...And the typical thing people were recommending was to tell them to talk to your attorney and not to talk to them at all... At what point do you tell them that? Sounds like most of you guys let them in your homes and pretty much made them your friends.... I did have a couple incidents with SA's.. I used to work for the feds and the FBI office was across the hall. I used to notarize documents for them so I got to know a few. Not as friends, but enough to say hi and chit-chat. My sister posed nekkid for Gallery magazine and she won Girl Next Door of the year. I asked one of the agents if he had ever heard of Gallery magazine..He said "Isn't that a home improvement magazine".. I told his buddies and he never heard the end of it.. When I worked for the feds we had to have a security clearance background check done. They interviewed me about a lady who moved to our office and lived with me and my wife during her 4 month transition. This lady was about 55 years old and a biggun.. Did absolutly nothing for me... When the SA finished interviewing me about her, I said to ask her to tell him about the "sexy nighty" she used to run around in..Of course she never did. She was always covered. But we laughed and he said he would ask her. He went up to her and said "Is there something about a sexy nighty you need to tell me?" She got real embarrassed and my supervisor somehow heard about it. I got written up for sexual harassment.. (It was dropped when they found out it was a joke)
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 5:38:08 AM EST
If I ever get a visit from the FBI, I would change my name to BOG.
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 6:12:47 AM EST
Originally Posted By Citabria7GCBC: My parents and i were wondering if the FBI actually visits anyone from this site...we are still waiting for the knock on our door. LOL
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Haven't you heard about no-knock warrants?[:D]
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 7:25:49 AM EST
I had a Special Agent from the US Dept. of State (DSS) come to my house and stick around for a year or so til he retired. Oh yeah he's my Dad.
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 9:10:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/6/2002 9:10:46 AM EST by FLGreg]
The only FBI contact story I have was when I was a freshman in college: A recent graduate from my fraternity applied for a job with a large defense contractor that required a security clearance. I was the one who answered the House phone when the S/A called. He asked if I knew the applicant and I said yes (though not very well). He asked me some questions and I remember that one stuck out in my mind - "Did he have any problems with drugs or alcohol?" I answered, "No, he had no problems with [u]his[/u] drugs and alcohol" and that was the end of that. A few years later he (the applicant) came back to the campus for Homecoming or something and paid me a visit. Seems my little comment had held up his clearance for 6 months. He was able to see his file (which I couldn't believe) and my name was right there as the person to whom they spoke with at the fraternity. I never mentioned it to anyone and had forgotten about it until he confronted me about it.
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 9:32:06 AM EST
Never been visited on a gun related manner but I have had a close encounter. Back in the 70s I was the timekeeper for a large construction project in NY. As with most NY construction projects there were plenty of connected people around. On my way to pickup the payroll one day I was stopped on the LIE buy a unmarked plymoth. They were very polite as they had me look at a bunch of photos. Scared the hell out of me. I knew half of the guys in the pictures. I answed their questions honestly but told them I didn't want any problem from the boys! They said not to worry and sent me on my way. As it turned out later, I was handing the current mob leader his paycheck every Friday.
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