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Posted: 9/15/2001 11:37:19 PM EDT
From the BBC: [url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/europe/newsid_1544000/1544473.stm[/url]
The German authorities have rejected reports that an Iranian man detained in Hanover could have helped avert Tuesday's devastating attacks on New York and Washington. However, a French-Algerian identified by the French media as a radical with "a profile similar to the kamikaze pilots" is being held for further questioning by US investigators after his arrest last month. French media have claimed that the FBI failed to follow up information supplied by French secret services that the man, who was taking flying lessons in Boston, had links to Osama Bin Laden. The German federal prosecutor said on Friday that the Iranian - who telephoned the White House warning of attacks that would "change the world order" - had no knowledge of Tuesday's attack. "His warnings to US authorities were limited to vague claims about danger to world peace and the world order; he could not cite details," a statement from the federal prosecutor's office said. "The attackers and the background to the attacks are not and were not known to him," it added. The White House hung up when the man said he was in detention, but he was interviewed by German authorities and US intelligence services in the wake of the attack.
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Link Posted: 9/15/2001 11:40:49 PM EDT
Soldier 'sans frontieres' The French newspaper, Liberation, reported on Friday that the French-Algerian arrested in Boston was due to have been deported, but was now being held "to check any possible links with the fanatic pilots". On Thursday a correspondent in Washington for the Europe 1 radio station said the man had been arrested with comprehensive documentation about Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. "He belongs to the Pakistani-Afghan network that trains Osama Bin Laden's soldiers, his best soldiers, soldiers without borders," the correspondent said, adding that all this information had been passed by French investigators to their American colleagues. However, the US authorities did not follow up the lead, he said: "The investigation that might have prevented everything was not launched." The 31-year-old man, who was born in St Jean de Luz, had been living in Britain before going to Boston. Border watch Time magazine has also reported that two of the suspected terrorists were on an FBI border watch list, but had nonetheless slipped into the United States. The two men, who were associated with Islamic Jihad, were on the American Airlines flight which crashed into the Pentagon. The CIA now believes the first warnings about a "spectacular" act of terror against the US came as early as June. "A lot of this reporting we had in the summer that gained our attention and had us concerned, but wasn't specific, could have been tied to this," an intelligence officer told Time.
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Ok, I grant that this comes from sources with a ax to grind, specifically a socialist paper in France, but given the FBI's recent cock-ups with Hanson and Wen Ho Lee, can we be so sure that they didnt fuck up again? What do you think?
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 7:38:21 AM EDT
Letter Writer in Cayman Warning of Possible Terrorist Attack on the United States Questioned - Afghans here jailed In a case of mistaken identity - the Government owned Radio personality, to whom the letter was addressed is not, the Deputy Financial Secretary who was away from the island on official Government business from Friday, 31 August through Friday 7 September. Cayman Net News has learnt this morning that the letter that was delivered to Radio Cayman and addressed to Mr. Joel Walton, was intended for the that Radio Station's midday talk show host, Mr. Joel Francis. In fact, the radio station has another on-air personality whose name is Joel Wilson. http://www.caymannetnews.com The letter, which has now made international headlines world-wide, was allegedly written and delivered to the station by a charter boat captain and contractor, Byron Barnett. It is not known who received the letter at the Radio station. However, Mr. Donovan Ebanks, the Deputy Chief Secretary confirmed at the press conference that he received same from the station on Thursday, 6 September. As to why no action was not taken on its contents, the Chief Secretary stated that Government receives many letters of a speculative nature on a regular basis. As related earlier, the three individuals claiming refugee status - have given their names as Nez Nazar Nezary, Mohammad Raza Hussani and Ali Sha Yusufi. Authorities say efforts to confirm their identities have not been successful. They have now been re-incarcerated and held in maximum security cells at her Majesty's Prison at Northward - and the subject of an intense investigation by US authorities who arrived on the island from the United States Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, with the full cooperation of the Cayman Islands Government, the Royal Cayman Islands Police (RCIP) and security personnel. (see website for rest of details}
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