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Posted: 9/23/2004 11:06:15 AM EDT
I had a problem with red-dot scopes having a rather annoying halo and people on here told me i probably had astigmatism. I recently had a appointment with my eye doctor in Cheyenne WY and she said i did not and basically some people "just had it".
Ok, she is a Dr. so i believed it.
Being a stubborn SOB i researched it and only read the opposite. People of ARFCOM told me the same thing.
I found a highly recommend optomitrist in my town of Laramie and just got back from the appointment.
I DO HAVE ASTIGMATISM, that other bitch was wrong.
These people gave me 5 times as many tests and even took these sweet topographic pictures of my eyes with some cool Zeiss machine and the astigmatism was pretty obvious. I also got new lenses so i can actually see 20/20 now.
I got ripped at that other place, and should probably create a scene by walking in there with the pictures and demanding my money back. I would do it at a busy time of course.

Anyway, so right now im still sporting some soft lenses that will only give me 20/20 without fixing the astig, but i have another appt in a week to try the hard lenses that WILL fix it.
I am so looking forward to the red dot being just that and not a huge fucking halo with streaks shooting out of it.

Arfcom is like WEBMD, but better.
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