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Posted: 5/8/2018 9:27:39 PM EDT
Hey all, so I just earned a new position doing fugitive recovery work for my department. The dude who is already doing it is running an external vest/carrier and a thigh holster for his side arm. Since I am now coming aboard, he is wanting to revamp the gear lineup and is asking me to consider doing away with the drop-leg and vest and going with a "battle belt." He said he saw some of our local state SWAT guys running the battle belts and wanted me to consider it.

I don't know too much about battle belts, but from what I could see, I would rather run the current setup. I know the drop leg is not always ideal for running and is a bit more difficult to defend, but the battle belt just seems to bulky and is not something I want to be wearing if I am climbing in and out of a vehicle all day. Furthermore, I am duty belt-averse and would prefer to spread the load over my shoulders as opposed to my hips and lower back.

Any of you guys/gals have any input regarding this situation?

Lastly, he is currently running a Blackhawk Serpa (I know, just had a trainee shoot himself in the leg right in front of me. He obviously violated 2/4 rules, but that damn holster didn't help the situation). The current holster does not allow for a TLR-1 or any light for that matter. I'd be interested in a holster that accommodates a light, is 3rd level retention, and has an adapter for a drop leg.

I am presently looking at the Safariland 6360 RDS or the 7365 7TS.

Any recommendations on the holsters would be great.

Thanks much!
Link Posted: 5/8/2018 10:27:43 PM EDT
Not a fan of battle belts myself. How about spreading the load between a stripped down duty-type belt and an external carrier? Primary, mags, OC and cuffs (both required as minimum gear) are on my duty belt. The belt is a 1.75 SOE cobra belt w loop liner. Put together w an innER hook belt it's plenty stable, not bulky and light weight enough.
Link Posted: 5/23/2018 8:34:44 AM EDT
i would stick w/ vest & gun belt. You can split your gear up between them & when not out running and gunning you can take the vest off. For holster go with Safariland. I hate the hood & love the ALS models and you get get the adapters that let you go from belt to vest or thigh rig.
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